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Year 5 Season 3: Operation Shadow Legacy Reveal Stream Megathread

Rainbow3 - Year 5 Season 3: Operation Shadow Legacy Reveal Stream Megathread

This post will serve as a megathread for the Year 5 Season 3: Operation Shadow Legacy reveal stream.

Have I missed anything? Reply to my stickied comment with additional information, thanks!

General Information

New Attacker: Sam "Zero" Fisher

  • 2 speed, 2 armor
  • Gadget: Argus
    • Cameras that can be drilled into a breakable or reinforced surfaces
      • Shot by a launcher
    • Provides intel from the other side
    • Each camera can fire a single laser to destroy gadgets or deal minor damage
  • Primary weapons:
    • SC3000K
    • MP7 (with an option for magnified optic)
  • Secondary weapons:
    • 57USG with an integrated suppressor
  • Secondary gadgets:
    • Grenade
    • Claymore
  • Counterplay & other interactions
    • Makes a distinctive noise when drilling through a surface
    • Can be shot
    • More visible than a Valkerie camera
    • Destroyed by electrified walls
    • Disabled by Mute's jammers
    • Camera projectile intercepted by Jäger & Wamai

Map Rework: Chalet

  • More traversal options
    • More options for rappel
    • Roof now accessible
    • New staircase in Trophy Room leading upstairs
    • Blue hallway now also leads into wine cellar
  • Bombsites:
    • Top floor bombsite (not shown on stream)
    • Kitchen & Dining
    • Bar & Gaming Room
    • Snowmobile & Cellar

Gameplay Updates, New Features & Other Changes

Ping 2.0

  • Gadgets can now be marked by pings
    • Gadget type included on the marker
    • Pinging Operator-specific gadgets will also reveal the Operator to your team
  • Can be used in-person or through a drone/camera
  • Can ping both enemy and friendly gadgets
  • Old yellow pings now numbered per player
    • Numbering consistent across a match

New weapon optics

  • Two new non-zoom optics: Red dot & Holographic
  • New zoom optics: 1.5x, 2.0x & 3.0x zoom
    • Note: ACOG moved from 3.0x to 2.5x zoom
    • 3.0x zoom optic available on DMRs
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted per zoom level


  • New Accessibility settings tab
  • Adjust reticle color and opacity
  • Select a color blindness profile

New secondary gadget: Hardbreach Charge

  • Creates a small hole in a reinforced wall
    • Vaultable or crouchable
  • Long fuse (longer than a Thermite charge)
  • Can open a reinforced hatch
  • Automatic activation, no remote triggering

Reinforcement pool

  • Defenders have access to a common pool of 10 reinforcements
  • Applies to multiplayer and Training Grounds

EMP Grenade Rework

  • Previous behavior: multiple effects on gadgets (destroyed or temporarily disabled)
  • New unified behavior: all gadgets will now be temporarily disabled instead of destroyed
    • Increased importance of EMP timing

Map Ban

  • First introduced to Ranked & Unranked
    • Might be added to other playlists in the future
  • Each team can ban one of three random maps
    • Unbanned map will be played
    • Random map from the selection will be played when less than two maps get banned

Match Replay

  • Saves past matches, gives access to spectator mode
    • Lets you watch back any perspective
  • Up to 12 matches can be saved locally
  • Accessible via new Watch tab in-game
  • Currently in Alpha

Other changes

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