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Yet another Castle buff idea

Rainbow2 - Yet another Castle buff idea

Hi there R6 subreddit!

While watching one of BikiniBodhi's videos today, I've had a "ah-ah" moment about a yet another new castle buff!

Here's the idea :

How about, instead of preventing the attacker from entering, you prevent them exiting! The idea here is to provide a gadget that can be used both as a trap and a reinforcement. But it also acts as a double edge sword, pretty much like Mira's black mirror.

Here's an image showing what I have in mind :

Basically, the new Castle gadget is put on top of a reinforced window or door, allowing the gadget not to be spotted right away by attackers.

Here's a little GIF of how the trap would operate:

When an attacking operator breaks the wooden barricade, nothing happens, but, when they enter, the trap is activated pretty much like Kapkan's EDD or Ela's mine, and the reinforced barricade rolls down, trapping the operator inside!

To get out, the operator has to turn around and shoot the two red canisters on each side of the gadget, or use Breaching hammer, explosive.. etc. Shooting the two canisters would cause the barricade to fall down after a 3 seconds delay, pretty much like Mira's black mirror.

Of course these canisters can be broken by Twitch's drone, but the two of them have to be shot in order to destroy the trap. If only one of the two canisters is shot, the trap is triggered. the trigger mechanism can also be deactivated temporarily by Thatcher's EMP.Shooting only one of the two cans can be also used by defenders to deny the area after a first breach! It can also be used by attackers after starting the defuser to make defender's life harder.

This gadget can be efficient to prevent quick smoke plant like on Border's small office or bank CCTV/Server, and be used as an ambush method to jump on unsuspecting attackers.

Read:  It really is as simple as "xXxBi*chSlaya420xXx Teamkilled you, Press X to boot". Halo had it over a decade ago.

TLDR: New Castle gadget that can be used as a trap and an entry denial device

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