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[1.87 Dev] The M.D 460 and G.91YS

warthunder 1 - [1.87 Dev] The M.D 460 and G.91YS

Lately, with more and more videos popping up on the current iteration of these vehicles in the 1st Dev server, the M.D 460 is more or less overlooked. Some of the reasons are valid like not having acceleration in the same vein as the G.91Y, however the M.D 460 is not to be underestimated.

What I have to offer are comparisons on acceleration and dive speed for both vehicles.


G.91YS (20min fuel load)


*Unfortunately, for the G.91Y, I wasn't going completely level and making shallow dives since it was a live match and rather short sized map for the vehicle… but it serves to emphasize the acceleration it's got in comparison to literally anything at 9.0

M.D 460 (20min fuel load)


Comparing both from the start of reaching 900m/h to the G.91Y's max speed on the deck of 1120km/h leads to:

~24s for the G.91Y

~40s for the M.D 460

For comparison to super sonic, F-100D


~24s for the F-100D *This is with the caveat that the performance is gimped to IRL*******


For comparison to the old top 9.0,


~60s for the Mig-17 (8min fuel load)

Now for a hardline speed limit before wing snaps off, to test this, I'm diving to reach these speeds as fast as possible as it's currently not possible to reach these speeds on the deck at sea level.




M.D 460

Above 1300km/h





What prompted this response is that players are starting to get the opinion that the M.D 460 won't stand a chance to the G.91YS. Obviously I do contest this opinion but I do agree that the G.91Y is the superior fighter simply because of noted acceleration for typical dogfights. It's important to note that these two aircraft appeal to different playstyles and since there's yet to be a match where I fought earnestly to a spaded G.91YS or vice versa a spaded M.D 460 or any players that truly have tested a duel between these two…

It's up in the air over who wins over the other but for my playstyle, the G.91YS wins.

Essentially, the G.91YS is a sprinter while the M.D 460 is a marathon runner ((and the F-100D is a bike :P))

I still suggest not going full speed on the hype train until it hits live servers as things can change in the Dev server for the better or worse. Anyway, that's all I wanted to point out, context below:

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