War Thunder

1.98 changes after the second dev server

warthunder 4 - 1.98 changes after the second dev server

I will update this post with future changes until we get the update. (second dev server) → changes:

  • New DM: YP-38.
  • Lang line moved from menu_debriefing to _missing: "debriefing/battletasks";"Battle Tasks"
  • AGM-12B, AGM-12C, AS.20, AS.30: modification description now calls them missiles instead of rockets.
  • Rb24 changed in some languages to RB24.
  • RB24J modification description added.
  • Lang line added for the 7.62 mm Ksp 39 machine gun (used on the Strf 9056).
  • Multifunctional menu on consoles and wheelmenu is now no longer hidden for us plebs.
  • Challenger 2 (2F): Dorcherster is now Tier IV instead of III and locked behind the ESS modification, rep cost increased by 10 SL in AB/RB, and by 20 SL in SB, some of the modifications' cost increased, some lowered, 7.62 mm L37A2 machine gun is now tied to the Dorchester mod.
  • All the new toys received their own image instead of the WIP one.
  • F-104A (CN), F-104G (CN): country of origin is now ROC.
  • WW2 era Italian ships: country of origin is now Kingdom of Italy.
  • Helena: Total crew count: 868 → 1188, minimum crew count: 260 → 356.
  • "explosionImpulseThreshold": 5.0 → 370.0
  • "explosionImpulseDistanceThreshold": 100.0 → 50.0
  • Smoke from pylons will now be there a little longer.
  • 70 mm guns received their own flame effect.
  • Lyddit (40 and 47 mm British ground cannons + naval cannons use it): TNT equivalent: 1.0 → 1.1.
  • F-104 (all): thrust increased at sea level and 3000 kph (TAS).
  • Lynx AH Mk. I: removed the 4 Stingers from its 20 mm Oerlikon + 4 AGM-114B Hellfire loadout.
  • A 129A, AH-1G, AH-64A, AH-64A Peten, Bo-105 PAH-1, Bo-105 PAH-1A1, F-104G (both), G-Lynx, AH Mk. 1, Mi-24 (all), Sea Hawk (both), Tiger UHT, UH-1 (all): received code for the new loadout system. (I think the weaponConfig stands for that)
  • AH-1Z: loadout system changes: TOW2 icon changes.
  • AH-64D: loadout system changes: 8 Hellfire loadout: AGM-114B changed to K.
  • B6N (all): turret received deadzones, animation of breaking wings, stabs and fins refined.
  • Bf 109G-10: user skins are now available.
  • F-104 (all), F-4E/EJ, F3H-2, Mirage IIIC, Scimitar: animation of breaking wings and tail refined.
  • Phantom FG.1: removed line: ' "thisIsFakeDM": true ', DM completely rewritten.
  • Su-7B: received line: ' "thisIsFakeDM": true ', DM completely rewritten.
  • French Cyrano, British AI (Hunter F.6, F.9, Lightning F.6) radar: ' "pitchStabLimit": 30.0 ' line removed.
  • MAS 500-4: can no longer spawn 3 times.
  • Sparviero: center of gravity shifted.
  • Sparviero, PG-02, PGH-2: hydrofoils' data rewritten.
  • M3 Stuart, M3A1 Stuart (both), M3A3 (CN, FR, IT): got new 15 mm thick armour plates.
  • Strf 9056: received cartridge ejecting.
  • 9P157 Khrizantema-S: radar deploy time is now 3 seconds, "designationFromBody": true → false.
  • 80 mm Type 91 launcher: mass 18.7 kg → 7.7 kg, changed from Mistral to Type 91, explosive type: HBX → Comp-A, expl. mass: 1.11 kg → 0.6 kg, warmup time: 5 sec → 4 sec, lost the proximity fuse, end speed lowered: 1000 m/s → 650 m/s, ir seeker buffed, lock angle: 38° → 40°, track rate: 20G → 12G.
  • Lots of naval weapons' max aim distance changed.
  • S-3K rocket: max distance: 2 km → 5 km, pen increased: 300 mm → 500 mm.
  • JM61A1, M61, M61A1: now overheats slower.
  • Calabria: added new damaged floor objects.

Raw changes:
8cdb20e5537094fcd4cd294c0eb8e7f92d66ea1e - 1.98 changes after the second dev server


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