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2018 Guide to Talismans and Premiums: U.S.A. Tanks

warthunder 5 - 2018 Guide to Talismans and Premiums: U.S.A. Tanks


This is a short(and late) 2018 update to last years Talisman Sale Guide. Like last year, this is suited for folks looking to play Ground Realistic Battles, which focuses (even more so now with the spawn-point changes) on bringing lots of competitive vehicles in a lineup.

BRs haven’t shifted much since the last sale, the most notable change to grinding strategy is that a lot of folks are interested in Tier VI, which the old guide didn’t cover. So for anyone interested in that, I’d (tentatively) recommend the 7.0 lineup for America, as new BRs for Tier VI tanks have created a nice spot around 7.0-7.3 where downtiers are semi frequent, this is why I wouldn't recommend using 7.7 as a grinding BR, as it's getting pulled up to 8.3 frequently. Otherwise, it's still very safe to refer back to the 2017 Guide if you're still working your way through the middle BRs.

7.0 America

T32E1: The original T32 is hampered by a lower glacis and MG port weakspot, this fixes both of these problems. A straight upgrade to the T32 at the same BR, if you can grind one out before the sale ends, it’s a hull down beast with an anemic gun, bring it out in downtiers where HEAT-FS is not as prevalent and this jack of all trades heavy can capitalize on most situations, sniping, brawling, the like.

M46: A much, much faster Pershing with HEAT-FS. Excellent all rounder, but like most higher-BR medium tanks, requires a good understanding of the game to excel in. No armour to speak of, but zippy reverse and good forward manueverability allow good players to flank. M82 APCBC for most sideshots and situations, HEAT-FS for anything you have to face frontally.


Honourable Mentions: A lot of the strong 6.7 US tanks can also be shoehorned into this lineup in a pinch, the T29/T34 arguably still pull good weight at 7.0 but won’t be able to grind Tier VI efficiently. The M50 Ontos also exists if you’re a fan of that sort of thing, and is effective at 7.0 still, with Tier VI grinding abilities. The T95 can be agonizing to play and highly situational, so purchase at your own risk.

CAS Suggestions: Basically everything mentioned in last years guide, however the AD-4 has surpassed the AD-2, and at 7.0, you have access to the F3D Skyknight and F-80A-5, both adequate fighters for killing props and early jets that you may encounter at 7.0.

If you’re looking for a Tier IV lineup, the T26E1-1 Super Pershing is now an extremely viable vehicle, and the 6.3 American lineup is now very cozy. The normal M26 can be mediocre to some people, the Super Hellcat is an excellent all rounder but obviously, don’t get shot. The T28 is either equally as agonizing as the T95, or comically overpowered if you find a good alleyway on an urban map, so your mileage may vary.


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