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A British Armored Car/Light tank tree?

warthunder 3 - A British Armored Car/Light tank tree?

Its no surprise when people mention that Britain has a problem with speed, especially in 6.7+, and this leads to problems in game which cause them to fail to contest cap zones. Leaving them in the open, on their way to firing positions, pants around their ankles and a hard-on the size of the obj. 120 barrel.

So why not give them the capability of speed? If they can contest cap zones, they can contribute to the battle more than leaving smoking wreaks in the open? Since helicopters are nothing more than clay pigeons for SPAA right now, the way to give britian the speed, mostly at top tier would be through its plethora of light AFV designs. Here's my idea for a tree.

Rank I:

1.0 | Humber mk. III An armoured car with a 15x104mm BESA machine gun, capable of penning 27mm or armor 70% of the time at 100yds (91.44m) with 10-15mms of armor all round and a max speed of 50mph(80km/h), making it a good 1.0 scout car and as an introduction to the armored car tree.

1.3 | Daimler AC mk I

2.0 | Coventry Armored Car The Coventry isn't much to snap at withca standard 40mm cannon and 42mph (68km/h), and 10-14mm of armor, the tank is nothing special.

2.0 Radpanzer Staghound (premium)

Swiss variant of the Staghound Mk I. The 37 mm gun was replaced with a Swiss 47 mm Pak 41 gun.

2.3 | Humber mk. IV The humber mk. IV is an improvement over the mk III as it ads the 37mm M5/M6 cannon on the US M3A1 and M5A1 Stuart tanks, giving it a bit of a puncher to get out of sticky situations… Like a tank… A very sticky tank…

Rank II

3.3 | T17E2 Staghound mk III Dear god… The ammount of turrets you can have on this puppy. The 57mm gun or 75mm gun would do nicely on the staghound. Gives it a gun and maybe a tulip premium wouldn't go a miss.

Rank III


5.0 | FV 301 a light tank with 2 inches of armor and a 17 pdr a damned good light tank for the mid tiers and a good backup for the comet creating a speedy duo in 5.0.

Rank IV

5.7 | CVR(W) Fox Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Wheeled) I know its a bir early for modernish vehicles, but if the R3 with the rh202 is at 3.7, this can fit here nicely, 65mph, no access to APDS, nice little armored car to back up the Cent mk. 1.

6.3 | saladin mk IIB

A good little HESH cannon, at 6.3, nothing to sneeze at. But a good recon vehicle to help support the mk. III cents and DV 4202s getting into place whilst the point is contested.

6.7 CVR(T) The Scimitar afv

Basically, a fox combat car but with APDS to give it an edge against tiger II and panther side armor if the catch them by surprise. No ATGMs, not yet atleast. 😉

Rank V

7.0 | Scorpion just your average HESH slinging boi, just with tracks that allow it to got all terrain.

7.3 | Scorpion 90 (premium) Whilst people wouldn't want the scorpion as a rank V premium, gaijin wants its sheckels somehow. So the Scorpion 90 is a Scorpion with a 90mm gun that slings HESH and HEAT around at 7.3 Br, making it a parfect grinder for high tiers and a good match up with the Cobquerer mk. 2.

Rank VI

8.0 | Warrior

8.3 | Humber Hornet

A wheeled ATGM vehicle that fires missles with HESH FUCKING WARHEADS. Thar sounds lime fun, 8.3 fun though.

9.3 | Desert Warrior TL;DR Warrior with a bradly turret and type 89 atgm placement.

Thats me folks. I expect this post to get nowhere to gaijin because they get hard everytime a british rank gets nerfed or under performs but Atleast my ideas out there.

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