War Thunder

A guide to the T-54 1947), (1949), and (1951)

warthunder 1 - A guide to the T-54 1947), (1949), and (1951)

A slight statement before the review begins, I am reviewing these vehicles all at once because the only real differences are minor ones, and those will be covered in small asides in each sections. Because of this, the tanks will be referred to as they instead of it to clear up any confusion if I refer to a singular model as it. For grinding purposes, focus the BR-412D shell, then mobility, then the higher penning shells followed by whatever you want.

So, mobility. First off, they is practically the same in mobility, so they will all receive the same rating. They are slightly faster than the T-44-100, but they are also 0.7 BR higher so most everyone has gotten faster while these tanks are only a bit faster. That's not to say they aren't fast though. They are much faster than their American and British counterparts, and can almost keep up with a Leopard 1. Light tanks are much faster, and you will not be able to get into positions that they might take if you are a bit lucky, they will take the positions before you. They can usually average about 40 km/h on flat rough terrain, maintain the top speed on hard terrain, but they do slow down to just 20 km/h when going up a hill. The reverse speed is 7 km/h, and all I can say about that, is that it is better than 5 km/h which you encounter in some other vehicles. Overall; good, quick tanks, but everything else since 7.0 has gotten faster and they've gotten a bit slower in reverse. 7/10

On to survivability. For the inter-tank comparison, they are again practically the same in sheer amount of armor. Some people say they like the 1947 variant better because it has a bit more frontal turret armor, but it is not enough to make a difference to affect the score. However, there are two factors that make the 1947 better in this regard, a better turret shape, and a 25% faster turret traverse. On to the generalities. The first part of not dying is not getting seen, you have a low profile to help with this, so you can hide behind walls and dead tanks pretty easily even with the roof 12.7 mm. They have two rear deployed smoke dispensers, which won't help much if you are immobilized except at long ranges if you drifted after being shot, but are great for backing up into when you die, still not as good as forward deployed. For when you are seen, the armor is pretty good. These tanks have pretty great armor for a medium, but it does not hold up against APFSDS or more intensive fire. You will bounce a lot of shots at range, practically every traditional kinetic weapon that you will encounter in a downtier, and your armor can be a bit trolly at times. Now for after you have been hit. The immediate survivability after being hit is great. You armor is behind some of the strongest armor which is the hull, and also a fuel tank, which means the tanks will rarely be detonated from the front except by ATGMs. Considering the hull is rarely penetrated, as even those with APFSDS won't aim for it every time, you have three men in the turret separated by a rather large breech. Rarely will a shot take out all your crew in one shot, and you will hear many British tankers complaining about this. A bit after you've been shot though the survivability isn't great. The turret rotation speed is slow, a little less slow in the 1947 variant but still slow in that one too. The reload is long, especially if the loader is out, and it will get you killed. Against planes, the crew survives fairly well, but the engine will be taken out without fail. The 12.7 mm helps with this a little, but given the speed of planes at this BR, it is much harder to kill planes or even hit them with it. Overall, great armor for a medium, rarely one shot, but killing the person who killed you if they are not in front of your gun is pretty hard. 6/10 for the 1949 and 1951 variants, 7/10 for the 1947 variant.


Lethality. Again, the only differences are ammo, the 1947 version only has APHE, and suffers a bit because of it, the 1951 has a HEAT-FS round neither get, but it isn't a huge advantage considering the APDS round, which I prefer over HEAT-FS due to personal preference. The gun when it pens with the APHE is wonderful, everything dies when you penetrate it. Penetrating it can be a bit of a problem, since the penetration can be a bit lacking, so for the tanks that have it, I usually load the APDS first and then have APHE pre-selected since the next shot will be able to be better aimed. Not to say the APHE can't work at enemies from the front, it just requires more effort, and sometimes that effort is not there to be given. The reload is long, especially against the tanks you are facing. They will almost always fire faster than you, but if you take out a loader it won't be like the heavies, you will reload faster in that situation. The APDS is great for long range engagements, and the HEAT-FS can be good for very heavily armored targets that you don't have time to aim at weakspots for. For factors that enable you to get the gun on target, the suspension is pretty good. Don't be too afraid to fire on the move, especially at close range. The 4 degrees of gun depression still suck, but by this point you should know this, know where not to go, and only occasionally get killed by it. The horizontal and vertical laying of the gun are pretty slow, and takes will escape because of it, which can be very annoying. The 12.7 mm is great against lightly armored vehicles and helicopters, but at this BR most planes are simply too fast to be reliably hit and killed by the 12.7 mm, not to say it can't happen though. You have a twenty round ready rack, so no worries about the rate of fire slowing down, unless you are having an absolutely insane game. Due to the great post-pen damage, decent pen with the APHE, and great pen with other shells, but also since it has a longer reload then its contemporary counterparts, it gets a 7/10 for the 1949 and 1951, and 6/10 for the 1947 since if you encounter a Maus, you are practically screwed in it unless lucky.

For gimmickry, they have a couple of factors. APHE at this BR is kind've special and fun, and the mobility with that armor is great. The roof mounted 12.7 mm is always a welcome addition and the vehicles are just fun to drive, but nothing that really sets them apart as something special. 3/10

These vehicles have pretty great armor, a very punchy gun that has a fairly long reload for the BR, and great mobility, and a decent ability to fire on the move. This to me screams of a brawling tank, and that is exactly what I do in it. Due to their balancing based on armor, they do suffer a bit in uptiers so play a bit more conservatively there, but they destroy in a down tier brawl. My highest kill games in these tanks occur at close range fighting multiple enemies at once, taking them down slowly. I have run out of ammo twice in these tanks due to just crazy fights taking place in a town. The two later models can comfortably snipe with the APDS rounds and are strong against return fire due to the armor, but really these things love getting up close. Be careful exposing your sides, because a shot on your hull will almost always wipe out your crew, or your engine and then they will probably reload before your gun can lay on them. They shred in a downtier, and can do admirably in a uptier. Overall the tanks get a 7/10. They brawl great, but you can't brawl on every map, and they do have some major drawbacks with the turret rotation speed, which can cripple you at times.

Up next, the ZSU 57-2, a tank that scores very highly in one of these categories, but will be the first tank to get a 1/10 in another category.

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