War Thunder

A Modest Proposal Regarding your Game Warthunder

warthunder 6 - A Modest Proposal Regarding your Game Warthunder

Dear Gaijin,

I would like to congratulate you on making a quite exceptional game, and all of the work you have put into it, but however your game has (like all games) its own set of problems, I am here to go over them and make a few proposals on how to better your game for the future of all Warthunder players.

First I would like to talk about and propose a solution to the problem of how the German tech tree and German players suffer. As you may know the German tech tree only has poor vehicles throughout their tech tree, in naval they have to suffer through all of the battle barges, they have to suffer through the type 1939 and they have to suffer through the Emden and the koln, in the air they have to suffer through all of the Bf-109s and Me 262s and their bombers that have too suffer with only being able to bomb out 3 bases instead of 3 bases and an airfield in one trip, it is so unfair that the Bf 109-E-7/U2 only has a win rate of 84.89% in Realistic Battles ( http://thunderskill.com/en/vehicle/bf-109e-7 ) and how the entire Bf-109 line has a average win rate of 73.14% (rounded to the nearest hundredth) and how the lowest win rate of any Bf 109 is held by the Bf 109 E-3 with a win rate 62.94%. it is also unfair to the oppressed Germans players that the Pz. IV tanks have something at their Battle rating that they cannot penetrate, it would only be fair if the Pz. IVs Battle rating is lowered accordingly to stop German suffering. after all the Pz.IV Gs only win about 68% percent of the time and it should be in the 80%-90%s. and we should not even get started with the rest of the German ground forces which only have a win rate of ~80% at that rate American players might be able to research their 6.7 line up and maybe win which as we all know is very unfair. A simple solution to this is making the research and buy cost of the German tanks and aircraft even more unbalanced compared to other aircraft and tanks then it already is, I am thinking maybe 50% less then the other nations will balance this out more, this would make the already easy t- I mean hard to play Germans more welcoming to new players therefore the other tech trees will die out making matches even more unbalanced where w- I mean german players can prey on weak bots. if this idea does not work however we will just raise the battle rating of vehicles of other nations that make battles difficult for German players, just like you did to the M4A3E2 that little nudge to 5.0 made it easier prey for German tanks. If this doesn't work our only chance is to just put tech trees of other nations that are difficult on the Axis team like what happened with the soviets.


Next we should talk about the great problem that has plagued our community called CAS (just the mere mention gives me shivers) for those of you who do not know close air support (or CAS as some call it) is what happens when you give america something that can fight Germa- I mean is a terrible thing given to the greedy fat capitalist menaces that is ruining our community. Why when I see CAS being used against my teammates who would be able to easily kill those pilots if they were in tanks I just fume with rage, why would you ever think that giving the allies something that we also have, but giving a better version of it to them therefore giving them a chance to win a game was a good idea? we all know that Germans have better tanks, but why cant you give us better strike aircraft? if you cant find any good CAS aircraft for other tech trees then remove them from the game! if I can win because of something then it should be removed from the game! if you remove CAS from tank battles it would also make whole lines in American and British tech trees useless which is all the better! those capitalist pigs should suffer for picking a nation that they like because they like it and not because it is easy!

I have more proposals on the way, thank you for your time Gaijin,

With love, S. Terical

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