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American Hate and German Love? [Rant]

warthunder 2 - American Hate and German Love? [Rant]

TLDR: Why is this sub full of wheraboos and the ghosts of every fucking german ace, and seem fine with american planes getting fucked without a fighting chance and whine when they get one, .50 cal buff and P47 airspawn springs to mind. And if that airspawn WAS op, then adjust it for gods sake, put if over the AF or something, give it interceptor or attacker spawns, anything.

I assume since the P47 was added to the game many players (mostly germany and russia) have not liked getting 2000 LBS of bombs droped on them when they get a kill on an american player. While CAS is and always has been a issue, the solution would be to lower the price for no ordinace aircraft, and to SLIGHTLY jack the SP cost of bombs/rockets up, idealy proportional to the loadout.

With that said, why do so many (on this sub) delight when they get to seal-club anything and everything american? From the start way back when the hitlerbolt was given a airspawn germany was shiting on allied teams 24/7, and after months of seal clubing (and all P47s losing there airspawn) the infamous .50 cal buff arived alongside some pizza and pasta for 2. And the shitstorm was warranted, and as i was grinding my german air tree it was pure bullshit, just as much for the brits who had to fight game after game of space climbing B29 hordes. However they made every plane with a fiddy a lot more reliable and fun to fly.

Guess what nations had a top tier jet with .50s…

Shortly after the CL13 began to shit up every 9.0 jet match and the G91 made sure to fuck over everything from 7.0 to 9.0. To add salt to the wound any british jet without 30s (so all of them -1) couldnt do shit with sparkanos. While I have seen backlash to these changes, I cant help but feel that there was more hate to the mid tier american aircraft then at the axis jets. Ironicly the italians were the ones who didn't feel the buff at the time (minus the F84G with its airspawn), instead it was the american tech tree and any aircraft in other nations.

Before the cannon buff hit american teams had a shit W/LR due to attacker and bomber spam. After July they had next to no chance if germans were on the other team. With climb speed to match the spacefires and the best guns in the game (upgraded anyhow) germany began a new era of air RB domination. After all theses months germany are still the kings of Air RB, holding all the cards for the current META. Even the P51H didn't help matters, with less then half the team composed of them the opposition would wolfpack anything that wasn't a mustang then gang bang the few fighters left to win the match. Even if they didn't kill them all the arados that show up from time to time could change the tide in less then a minute then go back to rearm and hack off more points. If it was a C3 it didn't matter if there was a B29 in space, it could reach it and kill it, assuming they didn't die when the C3 made its first bomb run most would get fucked by the DO335s. Even lowering BR wont change that german interceptors are the best in the game (R2Y2 is a "bomber"). TA154, HE219, DO335, ME410 and night fighter DO217 shred most allied bombers less then 2 minutes into a game without cloud cover.


Some might say that this is because the current META is having a higher altitude. Then why do no american(or british for that matter) planes with less then 2 engines get a airspawn, disregarding the navy bombers? Why do none of the fighters match the germans in anything outside of out-turning a FW190? And why dont american players get fast frontline bombers or something on par with the He177, Ju288C or even the DO217 bombers? While some may say that the AD2/4 and attacker line offer that, they dont have the point impact of killing a base, even if they did there job and ran out of 20s, HVARS/HYDRAS and bombs, they dont do all that much for the axis tickets. Thats assuming they they dont get fucked by a fighter in under 5 minutes of the match starting, or a 288 going gunship, or just a 109/190 going for a free kill.

Even if americans were sitting on something higher then a 60-70% WR for most of there planes why do the best ones cost so much SL to fly when they earn so little? From the F82 to the 51H and the big daddy B29 it is not cheap to fly american. Its rare for more then 1/4 the team to earn enough SL to pay the bills, even more so in a fighter. Sure you get a kill but a german who didnt dive on you and started a space program will streak down like the vengeful wrath of god to smite you with Hitlers giant cock in the form of mine shells. Hell, the reason bombers like the B29 and even B17s space climb is because they die before they can bomb a base most of the time, and even less get to bomb 2. Then look at the HE177 and JU288C. Bombers that can go ludicrous speed and dispatch of at least 2 bases before anything gets to there alt, and be back at base and rearm by the time anything is.

No matter what BR it is, it feels like from 3.0 to 7.0 you dont have a fighting chance most of the time VS the germans. 109s with 20s show up early in the tree and the HO229 is more then able to crush anyone grinding the F80 or F3D. throw in the DO335 and TAs nothing america has is given a chance if they play it right. And yet, why do I see so little on this sub about how much german aircraft over perform? Is it salt from the days of the .50 being top dog? Is it revenge for revenge CAS in there wunderwaffle tanks? Why is it that many seem fine with german domination in Air RB.

Probably going to write another rant up about how everyone and there dog have a hateboner for american tanks from 4.7 to 10.0, along with helis. and before anyone whines about my bias i have almost everything in the german tech tree. Cant be assed to spell check this more then ive done so far.

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