War Thunder

Behold! Some Japanese Army planes that never saw mass production

warthunder 1 - Behold! Some Japanese Army planes that never saw mass production

The Ki-64

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The Ki-64

A one-off experimental heavy fighter (3D Model exists in files for about a year now)

Frontal view

It had a pair of 3 bladed contra-rotating propellers driven by 2 Kawasaki tandem Ha-40 engines

The Ki-64 used liquid wing cooling similar to the He-100 system

On the runway

The Ki-66

The Ki-66

Impressed by the German use of the Stuka the Japanese ordered a twin-engined dive bomber of their own. 6 prototypes produced and 1 modified with more powerful engines.

Notice the dive brakes and defensive gun. It also had 2 x 12.7 offensive MGs

Powered by two 1,130hp Nakajima Ha-115 engines the Ki-66 was not powerful enough to out do the Ki-48-II already in service (Ki-48 not in game either) and so was cancelled with it's innovations installed on the Ki-48-IIb

The Ki-74

The Ki-74, everyone is having a look

A long range reconnaissance bomber with pressurized cabin. Around 13 built

The Ki-74 had a typical Japanese bomb-load of around 1000kg

Note the small bomb-bay

During it hellishly long development cycle it switched planned targets from Manchuria to the United States and so from its conception in 1939 only saw production during 1944-45

Post war example captured by the Americans


The Ki-93

The Ki-93

A Prototype 6-bladed, twin-engined heavy fighter/bomber destroyer and planned anti-shipping aircraft.

It was armed with a 57mm Ho-104 cannon and 2 x 20mm Ho-5s

By no means a small aircraft as you can see

Overseeing the first test flight

The next variant would've been armed with a 75mm for anti-shipping purposes in addition to 2 x 250kg bombs


The project ended when the test pilot undershot the runway ripping off the port side gear in the soft dirt in addition to the wrecked port-side engine on it first flight. It would be repaired only to be hit by B-29s on the day of its second flight tests.

The Ki-46

Ki-46-II Kai with prominent 37mm

Not so much an experimental aircraft as it was an outstanding and highly successful reconnaissance and observation plane converted into a bomber hunter. Note the 37mm near-vertically mounted!

Ki-46-II Kai

The Ki-46 also had 2 x forward firing 20mm cannons. The 37mm vertical mount was removed on one example and made a ground strike aircraft.

Post war Ki-46-II

A standard post war example of the Ki-46-II being tested by the Americans. Powered by 2 x Mitsubishi Ha-102 engines it could reach 600km/h.


The Ki-46-III with flush cockpit and stronger engines is rumored to have had a ground attack variant with 2 x 20mm guns and a single unspecified bomb but this is unproven.

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