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warthunder 1 - BK1990

6pkhbqu3p1o51 - BK1990


BK1990 is a Chinese wheeled vehicle, armed with a 105mm gun. Along with the 105mm version, I am also suggesting the addition of a 120mm variant, with a larger turret. Information is scarce on this particular chassis, and there's some debate over whether or not two versions of it even exist. However, owing to the slightly different muzzle break, as well as gun length and turret, I will be making this post under the assumption that there are two versions. One is the BK1990 with a 105mm gun, as well as the BK1990 120mm with a larger turret and gun.

Any information or pictures on this vehicle would be welcomed!


During the late 1990s, as the Soviet Union fell apart, China's new mission in the region changed from guarding its northern border, to regional conflicts, peacekeeping operations, asymmetric warfare, and so on. In order to respond to this, it began to develop smaller, lighter, and more mobile units, including armored vehicles. Not only are they easier to transport by air and land, but they have greater maneuverability, low maintenance, and are typically much less expensive than a main battle tank.

In response to this need for lighter vehicles, in 2001 Norinco unveiled the BK1970, a 6×6 vehicle, armed with a low recoil 105mm gun, the chassis was somewhat similar to the WZ551. It was likely a part of the competition to design China's new armored fighting vehicles for the next generation. However, it never went into service.

79c4a3feq1o51 - BK1990




Despite this, a new chassis was developed, an 8×8 wheeled vehicle, still armed with a 105mm gun, known as the BK1990. However, it still has the same general layout and design as the previous BK1970. This vehicle is supposedly capable of stopping 12.7mm rounds from the side at 100m, and 25mm rounds from the front at 1,000m.

BK1990 chassis

BK1990 with what is likely a 105mm gun


Here is where things are muddled though. What sites and sources there are covering this vehicle claim it has a 120mm gun, instead of 105mm. However, others claim it is 105mm, and that no 120mm gun was ever fitted, or that there is a separate version on the same chassis with a 120mm gun. But, as I said before, this suggestion will be made under the assumption that these are two different vehicles. As such, I would like the BK1990 and BK1990 120mm to be separate.

Supposed 120mm variant, note the larger and more boxy turret

Why should this be added, and where?

Despite the lack of information, I still think it would be a good addition. Not only does this addition give the Chinese tree access to more vehicles for lineups, but it also provides something fast and hard hitting. I am not entirely sure on the battle rating, so I will leave this up to the reader to decide.


Weight – 20t (105mm) 22t (120mm)

Length – 7.64m (excluding barrel)

Width – 3m

Height of chassis – 1.46m

Maximum speed – 90 km/h

Maximum distance – 800 km


-105mm gun (40 rounds)

-120mm gun (30 rounds)

-7.62mm machine gun (2,000 rounds)

-12.7mm machine gun (500 rounds)

Crew – 4









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