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British top tier light tank collection

warthunder 5 - British top tier light tank collection

So Britain are currently lagging behind big time with mobility, and that's partially due to the lacking light and scout tanks. It'd be an interesting dynamic for them to have the extremes. Their slow hull down challenger, and their fast, lightly armoured scouts, as opposed to the do it all MBT's of the other nations, so I thought I'd make this collection of possible light tanks for Britain. This isn't going to be full of technical documents. This is more of just an overview of each vehicle, all of which to my knowledge have at least one working prototype built.

We'll start with the FV101 Scorpion & Scorpion 90 since they're both long overdue

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These are highly requested and have been passed for consideration (2 years ago), so I won't waste too much time with detail, as info is widely available. Basically a variant of the CVR(T) chassis (Striker and Stormer already in game), mounting a cannon. The main variant had a low velocity 76mm, with it's main ammo in game being HESH, but the 90 that was built for export was armed with… you guessed it, a stabilised 90mm high pressure Cockerill, able to fire APFSDS amongst other ammo, with similar performance to a 105 cannon. The main appeal of the Scorpion, and the reason it'd round out Britain nicely top tier is it's speed. To this day it holds the record for the fastest production tank, with a top speed of 51mph, with exceptional off road capability.

Stormer 30

7rx3ydy9z5t31 - British top tier light tank collection


This is a variant of the Alvis Stormer (another CRV(T)) that would perform very similar to the Japanese Type-89. Armed with a fully stabilised Bushmaster2 30mm auto-cannon (200RPM), 2X 7.62mg's and a TOW2 launcher either side of the turret, able to fire on the move, carrying 4 missiles in total (2 in the launchers, 2 in reserve). It's able to reach a top speed of 51mph on level road, it's just a little faster than the Type 89 (pretty much the same as the Scorpion, give or take a bit for weight).

Then comes the FV510 Desert Warrior

esiravx526t31 - British top tier light tank collection


Essentially an update to the Warrior from Kuwait. Most of the upgrades would make no difference in game, but the most notable difference is the turret, which is essentialy from the American LAV-25. The cannon is a stabilised Bushmaster and it had 2 TOW launchers. This would essentially be a middle ground between the current warrior and the Stormer 30.

Next onto more traditional light tanks. Starting with the VFM 5

yb65olrj36t31 - British top tier light tank collection


Built by Vickars as an air-portable tank, the VFM would be along similar lines to the TAM currently in Germany's tree. Armed with a stabilised L7 L/52 105mm gun, so very similar to the Leo A1A1, capable of carrying 41 rounds varying from ADFSDA to HEATFS (ready rack of 19, manually loaded), a coaxial 7.62mg, and a 12.7 roof mounted HMG.

It had a crew of 4, and was constructed with mostly aluminium armour, with some extra plates on the front, but no armour of note. It's top speed was 44mph.

Now the Warrior LMT105

hujk0wf366t31 - British top tier light tank collection


An interesting one here, the LMT is essentially trials at putting a South African LIW LMT 105 turret (used on the Rooicat and ASCAD) on the Warrior chassis. This thing is armed with a 105mm low recoil GT7/51 cannon (essential the south African built L7 used on the Olifant and Rooicat) so again, expect similar performance and ammo to the gun on the A1A1. Secondary armament consists of a 7.62 coaxial, with the option to install a second on the roof. This thing weighs a round 5 tonnes more than the standard Warrior, so will be a bit more sluggish, but brings some dependable firepower.

Next the RO2004

fn13j9zs76t31 - British top tier light tank collection


This one may have a bit more questionable ground to be added, as it was never fully assembled. That being said, the Chassis was made, being a modular system, and the Turret was also made, just never fitted. This wouldn't be a speedy vehicle, having a top speed of 34mph, but it's an interesting design, and I think would make a good event vehicle. It had the 105mm L7 again, so similar to most of these light tanks, and the same 7.62 Coaxial as the Challenger 2. Crew of 3, and minimal armour, although the RO2000 chassis did have a modular armour system, so could have an armour package fitted. There was also a SPA built on this chassis and a version with a 120mm mortar, both of which where fully built, and an APC that wasn't.

Onto wheeled vehicles. Lot's of options here for Britain, so I picked out a couple I think would be capable but unique. We'll start with the Vivkars mk11 LRPV

2gp93efga6t31 - British top tier light tank collection


Something very unique looking compared to things currently in game, this was essentially built to be both a fully functioning APC, and fire support. The turret was the same one used on the VMF 5, and it had a crew of 4 (+7 dismounts and supplies for extended operations). Armour is nothing special, basically the ability to withstand .50cal AP from the front, and 7.62 AP from the sides. It had a very respectable top speed of 65mph, and amphibious capability (watertight hull so no prep needed), with propulsion and steering provided by hydrojets offering an astonishing speed of… 5mph, but it'd be nice to see a nation other than Russia in the water. Lot's of info available on this one. Should be a fun vehicle, basically a bigger but faster AUBL.

Then there's the GKN Simba

proj57vbd6t31 - British top tier light tank collection


fpzvcg9xd6t31 - British top tier light tank collection


jxvg5gdyd6t31 - British top tier light tank collection


I put the three variants that would fit the game best together here. The Simba is a modular APC design, that can have multiple weaponry configurations fitted. They have a top speed of 62mph, with the usual light armour. The APC varients could carry between 8-10 troops, reduced for the turreted variant. The weapons on these three variants I've either covered or they're already in game. The first is the 90 variant, fitted with the turret from the Scorpion 90, the second variant is fitted with the same TOW launcher that the M901 Squadron vehicle in game is fitted with, and the final version has a HOT launcher, same as the RakJPz 2 (HOT). A nice selection that could be split up between tech tree premium and event.

Next a couple of ATGM designs. The HOT ATGW Warrior and the Spartan MCT respectively.

jutbvvmwk6t31 - British top tier light tank collection


3cceatwll6t31 - British top tier light tank collection


Simple enough. The first one is the Warrior chassis with 4 HOT ATGM launchers, and another 14 missiles in storage. The second is the CRV(T) chassis in the Spartan APC configuration with dual Milan launchers and another 11 in storage.

I want to end on something special, so I saved what in my opinion is the best till last. This is the Warrior Verdi-2

e5sqwob4n6t31 - British top tier light tank collection


Essentially a test bed of various systems (Kinda like the Challenger 2 Megatron), this thing removes the troop transport capability of a standard Warrior chassis, and replaces the turret with one armed with a 40mm CTAI cannon (same one going on the AJAX), and 2 launchers each carrying 4 Starstreak missiles, with the same radar system currently on the Stormer in game (which still needs fixing). It had a crew of 2 (part of it's point was to test the capability of electronics to reduce crew requirements) and wasn't fitted with any add on armour, so low survivability. This would essentially be Britain's ADATS/2S6, combining a capable auto-cannon with AA missiles.

So. That's my list of light vehicles i'd like to see added. There are a tonne more wheeled vehicles and IFV's, but I wanted to concentrate on filling the light tank, ATGM and AA roles, as I feel they're the areas Britain is missing the most. I also didn't include the AJAX, as that's still in development. I'd be interested to see what things others want, and I understand I've only given basic overviews on these vehicles, so feel free to add more details below. It'd be nice to get a decent collection of British light vehicles in one place.

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