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Datamine: How much damage do 12-20mm guns do? Well here’s the maths and facts!

warthunder 6 - Datamine: How much damage do 12-20mm guns do? Well here's the maths and facts!

As a preface, if you have any questions, ASK!

Hello once again! This time I'm going to calculate how much damage each weapon does, for sake of time keeping I won't be calculating weapons that are practically identical, like M2 AND Berezin, rest assured they do almost the same damage.

Firstly, how does the game calculate kinetic damage? Excellent question! Mechanics might have changed over the game's life, but currently it uses 'kinetic energy to damage' mathmatics.

"kineticEnergyToDamage": {

"p0": ,

"p1": ,

"p2": ,

"p3": ,

"p4": ,

"p5": ,

"p6": ,

"p7": ,

"p8": ,

"p9": ,

"p10": ,

"p11": ,

"p12": ,

"p13": ,

"p14": ,

"p15": ,

"p16": ,

"p17": ,



An example.
"p0": ,

3000 'kinetic energy (Joules?)' do 5 damage.

"p4": ,

80000 'joules' results in 40 damage.

But how do we calculate joules!? Well it seems it uses the real world calculation of E=MV2.

So for example a 7.7 browning AP shell has these for its stats.

"mass": 0.0108, (In kilograms, ergo 10.8 grams


"speed": 853.0, (Meters per second)

This gives us a joule reading of 3929 joules.

Because the damage isn't linear, this actually took a while to calculate…Grr.

But the damage is 5.4 (basically, I rounded up from 5.38yaddayaddayadda)

Okay, great! In comparison 1 grams of TNT equals 4 damage, similar enough number.

So onto the .50cals!

M2 Browning API= 10.3 damage
MG-131 API= 7.7 damage
Ho-103 AP-T= 8.1 damage

Obviously the browning reigns supreme (Berezin actually more powerful, but not by much and no plane has more than like 2 of them), while the Ho-103 lags behind, with the 131 being the worst due to the terrible velocity of the API. There's no doubt that the HEI shells on the 131 do more damage, although the API likely can set fires easier and gain access to spars.

20mm time!

This one is especially weird as there are in fact 2 listings for 30k joules, it seems to imply that 30k joules is 25 damage while 30k joules is…15 damage. Basically they skipped over a number which makes anything over 30k in particular quite strong.

Hispano Mk2 AP= 32.1 damage (Big ol bullet goin very fast! Impressive!)
MG-151/20 API= 24.1 damage (Decent bullet, but very slow)
MG-151/15 AP-T= 26 damage (Smaller bullet, MUCH faster!)
Type 99 Mk2 API= 25.9 damage (Close to the 15mm)
ShVak/B20 API= 25.2 (Small projectile going at 'meh' velocity means meh damage)

This took me…Way too long to be honest. If anyone wants me to make a post with other calibers/projectiles, just ask.

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