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Datamine: How plane materials/armor works! (Every armor type included in pastebin link!)

warthunder 6 - Datamine: How plane materials/armor works! (Every armor type included in pastebin link!)

As a preface, please ask questions! They allow me to not only provide more context/information, but allow me to learn!

So a lot of people have talked about armor modifiers, thicknesses, etc. Often using the wiki for reference.

Afraid it's wrong!…To some extent. Now tank materials? Those are easy, you basically only have RHA and CHA for 99% of tanks. At 1 and 0.94 effectiveness respectively.

Planes are quite a bit different, each 'thickness' for the most part is an entire new material! So for example you can have "Dural" "Dural10" "Dural20" and "Dural100".

But its not quite as simple as "Oh well Dural100 is 100mm of RHA!", nor do all dural have the same armor qualities.

Here's the code for "Dural", the most basic sort of dural that makes up 99% of plane skins ingame.

"dural": {

"armorThickness": 0.5,

"armorThrough": 0.5,

"restrainDamage": 0.3,

"ricochetAngle": 89.0,

"ricochetCosinePower": 1.0,

"ricochetDamage": 0.3


As you can see, it is 0.5 (mm) thick, no armor quality means it has the default quality of 1. In otherwords it's worth 0.5mm of RHA, not enough to stop anything really, but its better than nothing!

Lets look at a piece of armor on the P-51D Mustang, the armored glass!

It uses "Glass38" for its armor, 38mm, right? Enough to stop a .50cal?

"glass38": {

"armorThickness": 38.0,

"armorThrough": 7.6,


"restrainDamage": 0.2,

"armorQuality": 0.2,

"ricochetAngle": 85.0,

"ricochetCosinePower": 1.0,

"ricochetDamage": 0.3


It is indeed 38mm thick, but the 'armorthrough' and armorquality ensure it is 'actually' 7.6mm of RHA, not enough to stop 7mm machineguns yet alone a 12.7mm!

Okay how about another example, a BF-109 F-4 Trop wing spar.

"dural40": {

"armorThickness": 7.0,

"armorThrough": 7.0,

"restrainDamage": 0.045,

"ricochetAngle": 85.0,

"ricochetCosinePower": 1.0,

"ricochetDamage": 0.3,

"genericArmorQuality": 0.5


So its 'thickness' isn't 40mm, its just 7mm, and has 7mm of RHA equivalent. However it DOES have an additional modifier of 0.5 by GenericArmorQuality! Now I am not sure if that applies due to the armorthrough (which is its 'absolute' thickness), but if it does, its only worth 3.5mm of RHA.

As you can see from these examples, plane armor is a bit of a mess, nothing is really standardised unless several planes use it (like "Dural", and a lot of planes share stuff like Dural40).

A list of EVERY armor type in the game will be supplied in the below link.


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