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Dev Server Javelin is NOT the FAW.9

warthunder 7 - Dev Server Javelin is NOT the FAW.9


It is a purposely gimped representation. I decided to do a bit of checking as it just didn't seem right to me.

Current stats of Javelin in game are taken from both https://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comments/a50iz5/stat_card_of_3_new_top_tier_jets_in_one_picture/

These initial stat cards as well as various youtube videos of the most recent dev server (11/12/18) as I don't have access, because frankly my internet download speed is appalling and I was one of those ones that was waiting 3 days for 1.83 to download and I can't be arsed to do that sort of thing for something so temporary.


In game (based on various youtube videos of youtubers doing their standard spiel) the engines are a "Sapphire Mk.205" producing 4800kgf or thrust at takeoff.

However if you actually do a bit of research you will find that the engines are actually Sapphire 7Rs producing 4990 Kgf of thrust at takeoff and 5580Kgf with reheat engaged.

I can find nothing on these "Mk.205s" so as far as I'm concerned they do not exist for any other purpose than to make the Javelin worse.


On the dev server it appears to be with missiles loaded (which take away 3kmh) the Javelin's top speed is 991kmh or 535 knots

In reality at sea level the Javelin could reach 610 knots or 1130kmh.

At altitude it could reach 0.93 mach or 1150kmh.

It could also reach mach in a dive.

Also the top speed it could reach in level flight at sea level is in the red zone in game (I think The European Canadian got his up to about 1129 before it was threatening to rip) which means that the damage/flight model is broken as well (Innacurate VNE speeds).

(EDIT: TEC got his redline at about 1000kmh https://youtu.be/ozCalHZnHXU?t=497 which makes it so much worse…)

The SLOWEST version of the Javelin I could find was 555kts for the T.3 (A trainer version)…. and that is still 1028kmh at sea level, faster than our current representation.

Rate of climb

This is a bit odd, because the initial stat card comparison claimed about 44m/s rate of climb but in youtube videos it seems to be at about 55m/s (Of course with about 5 knocked off for missile load).

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However this is wrong as it should be about 27m/s.

So this leads me to believe that something is up, most likely it is innacurate because of the fact that Reheat exists and they are taking rate of climb with reheat at high altitudes to be its actual rate of climb.

Altitude ceiling

We are given a ceiling in game of a flat 15,000m.

In reality the 9 could reach 15850m (52,000ft) before sputtering and dropping out of the sky.

Fuel starvation cutting the engine

No, just no….


The only thing I can find even similar to this is the fact that the fuel pump/system delivered a constant rate of fuel, when trying to use Reheat at lower altitudes it effectively split the fuel between the engine and the reheat pipes, so there was a decrease in thrust from the engine itself.

At higher altitudes the conditions were better in terms of fuel/air so that reheat would actually work properly. From the literature I've found this would be about 6,100m where reheat starts working as intended, below that it just reduces thrust, it certainly does not cause the engine to turn off entirely due to fuel starvation…..

And this is about it

This is just the lightest and most cursory research as I dont have access to all the values that affect things like turn times and all the other stats in the game such as weights which would help determine TWRs and therefore acceleration characteristics.

However based on the fact that this most basic of information seems to be wildly different from IRL information (that is freely available out there) it's safe to say that the rest of it is also probably wrong too.

It's stupid.

So yeah, there it is, it's out in the open. We have a purposely gimped Javelin.

Hopefully I'm not the first person to notice this, or even check, I haven't checked the forums for anything similar and seeing as people are losing their shit over the F-100 and the MiG-19 I doubt anybody even cares to check if Britain is being given a fair whack (Hint: it doesn't look like it).

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Hopefully someone has noticed this and it will be corrected in the coming dev servers and hopefully before release.

If not it is just more damning evidence that Gaijin hates Britain with a fiery passion.

Everyone will likely ignore this anyway and continue to coo over the F-100D/MiG-19 and the Pastamobiles….





(This is not the FAW 9 but it useful to compare other versions to try and get a match for the abomination we have been given.)

And of course the Wikipedia page that states the FAW.9's specifications, however it is taken from the Thunder&lightning's source so why bother posting it twice?

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