War Thunder

Did they put any effort into the Javelin at all?

warthunder 1 - Did they put any effort into the Javelin at all?

So far the javelin on the live server is a broken piece of crap to put it bluntly.

The other day I made a bug report saying the javelin's ailerons both move in the same direction, and I was told it was fixed. On the live server the javelin still has this issue, as well as missing its co pilot/radar operator, as well as missing its all flying tail, as well as being way too slow, and as well as turning like a brick and rolling like a Fw-190, both of which are opposite to what delta wings do.

On top of this, the engines are different to each other in the X-ray view, and one of them isn't even named properly, it has just got its data tag. https://imgur.com/a/TdDn6By


And to top it all off it still rips in a flat line, slower then a hunter can go.

Even if this is its "finished" state whats the point of playing it? At 9.0 the Hunter is far better in every aspect except roll at high speed and that it doesn't get missiles. I really hope it's still work in progress because so far it looks like Gaijin put about zero effort into making it and that's a real shame.

Edit: Also it got no devblog yet when basically everything else has, and in some of the patchnotes recently there's no mention of the javelin getting after burner sounds, when the other two planes do get them.

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