War Thunder

Discussion #246: 6th Anniversary Sale

warthunder 5 - Discussion #246: 6th Anniversary Sale

As most of you have already seen the anniversary sale has already begun, but is not in full swing yet. In short these sales are already going on:

  • 50% discount for all modifications, backup vehicles and talismans for all types of vehicles except fleet.

  • 50% discount for premium account on 90 and 365 days.

  • 50% discount for all ground vehicles and aircraft of any nations (except the vehicles of the update 1.81 and 1.83 and the vehicles from Gaijin.net Store).

These sales will be going on until the actual anniversary (Nov. 1st) and from then until the 5th you will be able to:

  • Win 5 Naval battles with an activity of 50% or higher to get the Ya-5M soviet Motor gun boat!

  • Participate in one battle with an activity of 50% or higher in any game mode to get the unique “War Thunder 6 Years” decal

  • Purchase returning pack vehicles for GE which includes: Be-6, Grant Mk I, Sherman Firefly Ic Scorpion, AMX-13 SS.11, Type 97 Chi-Ha 12cm, Panzer IV/70 (A), and the Hs 129-B2 Romanian airforce for the Italian tree.

There should also be news about more sales after the anniversary or in the coming days. In addition there will be an upcoming tournament to obtain a He-162A-2 or an E-100 on the 4th til the 24th.

That being said what are your thoughts on the sales and the upcoming tournament?


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Before we start!

  • Please use the applicable , , and tags to preface your opinions on a certain gameplay element! Aircraft and ground vehicle performance differs greatly across the three modes, so an opinion for one mode may be completely invalid for another!

  • Do not downvote based on disagreement! Downvotes are reserved for comments you'd rather not see at all because they have no place here.

  • Feel free to speak your mind! Call it a hunk of junk, an OP 'noobtube', whatever! Just make sure you back up your opinion with reasoning.

  • Make sure you differentiate between styles of play. A plane may be crap for turnfights, and excellent for boom-n-zoom, so no need to call something entirely shitty if it's just not your style. Same goes for tanks, some are better at holding, some better rushers, etc.

  • Note, when people say 'FM' and 'DM', they are referring to the Flight Model (how a plane flies and reacts to controls) and Damage Model (how well a vehicle absorbs damage and how prone it is to taking damage in certain ways).

  • If you would like to request a vehicle for next week's discussion please do so by leaving a comment.

Having said all that, go ahead!


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