War Thunder

Discussion #260: New Flairs and Filters

warthunder 5 - Discussion #260: New Flairs and Filters

Something slightly different for the discussion this week, thanks to extensive debate and work from our whole Mod Team. This time we'll be talking about implementing some new Flairs that will hopefully be of use to the community. This is the lovechild of our own observations, community requests, and combing through a few weeks of "Other" flaired posts, in an attempt to categorize the pure chaos.

We are also offering up a challenge to create the new thumbnail icons required for each new flair.

Selection to be made largely on popularity, with mod veto power being held in the case of trolls/brigading support of inappropriate options. No Boaty McBoatface please. You can link your propositions in the comments, feel free to ping one of the mods when you finish your submission.

As usual all changes are fluid, and there's other ideas we are keeping on the backburner for later.

? = Community suggestions

Flair Name Intent Alternatives
1. Git Gud Requesting assistance of the community, tutoring, player/vehicle guides, How-To's, ride-along squadding L2P, Help, ?
2. RNGesus Feel like you were gaijinned in game? Robbed of that upgrade by 1 RP? Barely missed that trophy/crate reward? This is your flair. Gaijinned, Gaijin'd, ?
3. CAS Helicopters, Ground pounding, Ground Forces flying ?
4. Guide Mod granted flair, substantial, accurate posts that benefit the community sufficiently to be archived, from vehicle guides, damage charts, buyers guides, requires moderate community consensus. Not just awarded for effort. Alternatively one of the Git gud variants, ?
5. Game Mechanix In depth discussion and question regarding the in game functions/mechanics, everything from penetration, to server lag compensation, to even MEC and controls Game Mechanics, ?
6. WT Art We are looking to condense all the Art flairs into one. “We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents” – Bob Ross, ?
7. Bugs & Account Basically community tech support and suggestions, we are a fan forum though, so all we can offer is suggestions. Bug report assistance. Tech Support, eSports ready, ?
8. Marketplace Sales, Discounts, Premium vehicle purchase advice, GJN market moves and discussion. Want to pretend this is wallstreetbets, this is the flair pour vous. ?
9. Community Community Custom Events, Squadron Recruitment, Discord shilling, Polls, Squadmate/LFG Requests ?
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Changes & rules clarifications:

  • The General History flair is being considered for removal, as it is regularly a dumping ground for totally unrelated images, or barely related crossposts from history subreddits.

  • We plan to update the Filters to provide more options than there currently is available. While it is a work in progress for now, the changes could span from an "Only Memes" filter, "No Art", to "No Gaijin'd" etc. To be determined.

  • We have no rules against visible screen names from screenshots and footage, as all Server Replays are publicly accessible. So long as OP is not demanding action from the community past review of the subject matter they present. Examples: Potential cheaters, Gifs exposing bad behaviour from squadrons, etc

Here is the list of previous discussions.

Before we start!

  • Please use the applicable , , and tags to preface your opinions on a certain gameplay element! Aircraft and ground vehicle performance differs greatly across the three modes, so an opinion for one mode may be completely invalid for another!

  • Do not downvote based on disagreement! Downvotes are reserved for comments you'd rather not see at all because they have no place here.

  • Feel free to speak your mind! Call it a hunk of junk, an OP 'noobtube', whatever! Just make sure you back up your opinion with reasoning.

  • Note, when people say 'FM' and 'DM', they are referring to the Flight Model (how a plane flies and reacts to controls) and Damage Model (how well a vehicle absorbs damage and how prone it is to taking damage in certain ways).

  • If you would like to request a vehicle for next week's discussion please do so by leaving a comment.

Having said all that, go ahead!

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