War Thunder

Discussion #263: Fall Sale Megathread

warthunder 5 - Discussion #263: Fall Sale Megathread

With the current ongoing sale and upcoming patch 1.93 around the corner, a lot of questions about the sale are going to inevitably pop up, especially among newer players. To cut down on the spam, I have created this sticky thread for all your sale question needs.

Some links that may also help you:

The channel also has Vehicle specific "Is it worth your money" series on premiums.

Aquila's & Ram's Premium/Talisman guides, from 2017 and 2018

Here is the list of previous discussions.

Before we start! (Read this mofos)

Please use the applicable , , and tags to preface your opinions or questions! Aircraft and ground vehicle performance differs greatly across the three modes, so an opinion for one mode may be completely invalid for another. TAG THE MODE

Do not downvote based on disagreement! Downvotes are reserved for comments you'd rather not see at all because they have no place here.

Note, when people say 'FM' and 'DM', they are referring to the Flight Model (how a plane flies and reacts to controls) and Damage Model (how well a vehicle absorbs damage and how prone it is to taking damage in certain ways).


If you would like to request a Topic for next week's discussion please do so by leaving a comment.

Screenshots help your case!

Other things to consider:

Battle Ratings have shifted yesterday, making the performance of some vehicles much less appealing (F-89B at 7.7 for example) while others are far more appealing (MB.5 at 5.0 for example).

Most of the links I posted are somewhat outdated, so make sure you know the BR of the vehicle you're asking about o7.

My own Air picks for you, RB focus

  • US BF 109 F4
  • P-47M (GF & Air, Possibly the best overall Premium plane in the game)
  • XP-55 (Expensive, low multipliers, but very strong plane. Good for clubbing, not so much for grinding)
  • A2D Skyshark (GF & Air)
  • F-86F-35 (If you wish to jump into jets, no longer fights planes moved to 10.3)
  • GER Bf 109 G2
  • Ta-154
  • Fw 190 D-13
  • Dolgushin's La-7 (If available)
  • La-11 (If available)
  • Yak-3 VK-107
  • UK Corsair F MK2 (SL)
  • Premium Griffon Spitfire
  • MB.5 (If playstyle suits you)
  • Japanese Corsair (SL)
  • A6M5 ko
  • Shenyang F-5 (Only if you are experienced with MiGs)
  • G-55S (Highly recommended, community favorite)
  • G91 R/4 (8.7 BR makes it much more viable)
  • French Yak-3 (For SL, mostly)
  • SO.8000 (Air & GF, high difficulty plane but good in right hands)
  • Vautour IDF (Now viable, as it's a 9.0 and won't fight 10.3. Very good Missiles)

Go forth and ask away.


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