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Discussion #272: Rank II M4 (Sherman) Tanks

warthunder 3 - Discussion #272: Rank II M4 (Sherman) Tanks

This week we'll be talking about the Medium Tank M4, also known as the Sherman, which is perhaps the most iconic American WWII tank. Due to the sheer number of variants of this tank in War Thunder, this discussion will be restricted to only the Rank II Shermans.


The Battle of France in 1940 proved to America that their current tank arsenal would not be able to withstand a German assault. The only tanks in their inventory at that time was the M2 light tank and the M2 medium tank, both are inadequate against the German Panzer IIIs and the Panzer IVs. The US Army, in response, ordered for a tank armed with a 75 mm gun. While a 75 mm gun was available for use, a turret able to mount the gun was not. So while the turret and tank design underwent development, the 75 mm would be mounted on the stopgap M3 Lee tank in a sponson mount. This interim design put the 75 mm on a lower and limited traverse mount that restricted its firing angle, but it did give the Western Allies a tank with the gun, so it was issued by the thousands until a better design could be produced.

During the M3 medium's development, the designs of the 75 mm armed vehicle were being drawn up and submitted by the Ordnance Department. Specifications on the tank design were strict in order to maximize logistical support. Restrictions were made on the tank's height, width, and weight in order to make it able to be transported over bridges, roads, railroads, and on naval ships. These specifications would help the Army by making the tank be very flexible on strategic, logistical, and tactical grounds. On April 1941, the Armored Force Board chose the simplest of the designs, which was a redesigned M3 hull and chassis with a turret mounting the 75 mm gun designated the T6, completed in September 1941. This tank would then designated the Medium Tank M4 in American service. The tank would eventually become the most used Allied tank during World War II as it was lent out by the thousands in the Lend-Lease program to the Allied countries. The British designated the M4 the "Sherman", which coined into the tank's name M4 Sherman that it would be known as in history. The production for the Shermans began on October 1941 and would continue to be produced until the end of the war in 1945 with around 50,000 units produced, making it the second most-produced tank in World War II before the T-34 tank.

Several variants are available in-game, as listed below:

M4USAWelded hull resulting in angular shapes
M4 748 (a)Germany (Gift)Captured M4A2
M4A1USACast hull resulting in a more curved shape
M4A1 (France)FranceFrench M4A1
M4A3 (105)USAArmed with 105 mm howitzer
M4A4 (China)ChinaChinese M4A4
M4A4 (1st PTG)China (Gift)
M4A5 Ram IIUSA (Premium)Canadian design based on M3 chassis
Sherman IIBritainBritish M4A1 analogue

As always, feel free to use this thread to talk about the Sherman variants listed above. This can be either in the form of your experiences using these tanks, or fighting against them. With five nations having access to at least one of these variants at Rank II, this is certainly a tank you'll encounter quite often on the battlefield. Which of these is your favourite and why? Are there any specific changes that you'd like to see?

Here is the list of previous discussions.

Before we start!

  • Please use the applicable , , and tags to preface your opinions on a certain gameplay element! Aircraft and ground vehicle performance differs greatly across the three modes, so an opinion for one mode may be completely invalid for another!

  • Do not downvote based on disagreement! Downvotes are reserved for comments you'd rather not see at all because they have no place here.

  • Feel free to speak your mind! Call it a hunk of junk, an OP 'noobtube', whatever! Just make sure you back up your opinion with reasoning.

  • Make sure you differentiate between styles of play. A plane may be crap for turnfights, and excellent for boom-n-zoom, so no need to call something entirely shitty if it's just not your style. Same goes for tanks, some are better at holding, some better rushers, etc.

  • Note, when people say 'FM' and 'DM', they are referring to the Flight Model (how a plane flies and reacts to controls) and Damage Model (how well a vehicle absorbs damage and how prone it is to taking damage in certain ways).

  • If you would like to request a vehicle for next week's discussion please do so by leaving a comment.

Having said all that, go ahead!

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