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Do-355 engine overheat work around.

warthunder 7 - Do-355 engine overheat work around.

One of my favourite pastimes is removing bombers so I was rather dismayed when the recent patch modified the thermodynamics of the Do-355.

Patch Notes 1.85

Do 335 (all modifications) – Engine power at specific altitudes in a normal mode has been corrected (B-2 version). Thermodynamics for the WEP and normal engine modes have been corrected. Radiators resistance has been reduced. Rudder control at high speeds became more simple. Data sheet updated (B-2 version).

It seems that the rate at which the front and especially the rear engine will overheat has been increased to the point were you can not permantly maintain WEP.

(I would argue that rear mounted engines certainly suffer from overheating issues while on the ground due to a lack of airflow, however in flight I would assume the rather large radiator under the Do-355 would do a reasonable job… insert P-51 radiator!?! Anyway beside the point.)

Thermodynamics Getting All Scientific

In test on WEP climbing from runway at 260 kph and 100% radiators. The rear engine will begin to hit red temperatures warning on water at ~1.4 km and red temperatures warning on oil at ~2.4 km with the water temperature hitting blinking overheat warning by the time you get to ~2.6 km while the front engine is still relatively cool.

This presents a bit of a problem with maxmising your climb rate. It is a catch 22 because the front engine can comfortably handle more time on WEP but the rear engine will rapidly deteriorate, even with 100% radiators MEC (Manuael Engine Control).

Now the more astute of you will be asking "Ches? Are you dense? The Do-335 gets an airspawn it already high enough to take performance hit and still be competitive… Roysh!?"

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You would be right but we are all looking for that competitive advantage and maximising the climb rate is key to being in a good poisiton to engage. The difference of a couple hundred metres of altitude might seem negligible but it could be the difference in landing hits on that B-29 1.5 km above you…

Ches' Thermodynamic Solution.

There is a solution to this catch 22 and that is make use of MEC's ability to isolate and control specific engines' throttle, using this you can keep the front engine on WEP while you can throttle down the rear engine to 90-100% depending on the level of cooling required while flashing it on WEP if it is cool enough.


You do take a small hit to performance because the rear engine is no longer on WEP but you can make sure you are running as high a throttle setting as possible to maxmise you performance and sick climb rate bro!?

Using this You can effectively climb at higher rate than someone who is on AEC or even MEC with just 100% radiators for a little fiddling in menus.

How to control specfic engines.

  1. Go to controls and select Full-Real Controls

  2. Go to Manual Engine Control

  3. Bind a key for Engine Control Mode

  4. Bind a key for First Engine Control

  5. Bind a key for Second Engine Control

  6. Open a Test Flight with the Do-335 and on the runway

  7. Press the Engine control bind (if you look in the top left of the screen you will see two throttle setting for the Front and Rear Engine).

  8. Press the First Engine Control bind (You will see one throttle setting grey out and if you adjust the throttle setting only the Second engine will respond)

  9. Congratulations you have now isolated the throttle for the rear engine and you can adjust it accordingly independent of the front engine.

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If you get confused just hit the Engine control bind this will reset anything were and give you both engines under the same throttle control.

Also hitting "i" to turn off the engine you have selected is a good way of seeing which you are actually controling because it can be difficult to tell when both are idling.

I would suggest playing around climbing in the test flight so you familiarise yourself with this process so it doesn't seem overwhelming during an actual game, for example here I have the front engine off and I am just running the rear engine because why not

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