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Every single problem with Air RB I can think of, that will probably never get fixed, and my personal solution ideas that’ll never get implemented anyway.

warthunder 3 - Every single problem with Air RB I can think of, that will probably never get fixed, and my personal solution ideas that'll never get implemented anyway.

I hate what air RB has become, and I hate that this game has the potential to be so good but will never because Gaijin don't care about it anymore.

So here's just a list with everything wrong that I can think of. And the list will prolly expand as I remember more and more issues.

  • Spotting system.

It's shit, there's no two ways around that. The entire system is easily exploitable, and it becomes a lot worse when it's night, or clouds, or god save us – both. The system needs a rework from the ground up, and it's one of the core things wrong with Air RB atm.

  • Bombers

Gaijin just can't do bombers. Either they're too powerful, climb to space and wreck every fighter that tries to catch them or they're paper mache planes that fall apart as soon as you look at them weirdly. And I can't even think of a way that'd make bombers balanced. Either they ruin the day of every single person who plays a fighter, or they're not playable. At this point I am thinking that bombers should have a separate game mode.

  • Base AA.

Base AA is ridiculous. It's extremely RNG as well, but even if you look past that it's just a lazy mechanic to fix the base rushes that used to happen.

The problems with it are apparent – it invites AF camping as hell.

I have a proposed solution – make it disable after 3 minutes or so after the game begins. One can also make it activate as long as someone is repairing on the AF, however as soon as the plane is repaired the AA disables again (maybe with a 20 sec delay to account for a takeoff). This will prevent AA camping but still protect repairing players.

  • Guns

Guns are screwed. .50s have been overperforming for years. Hisparkos and Svaks are absolute garbage. German 30mm is worse than the 20s (is a lot more inconsistent). And other problems still exist.

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All in all there needs to be some balancing done to guns.

  • Repair costs

For the last time Gaijin, you can't fucking balance with repair costs. Jesus

  • BRs in general

Balancing needs to be done there. So many planes sit at weird BRs

  • BRs on Jets

This is probably my biggest point yet, so prepare for half an essay. Needless to say, Jet RB is so cucked that it isn't even funny, and the biggest problem with this are the BRs. Namely the whole shit's way too compressed, and on top of that some planes inhibit strange BRs.

The main problem is 8.0. 8.0 is a shitfest because it contains both planes that are too shitty for 8.0 (but would sealclub at any lower BRs) and planes that are too good for 8.0 and can basically hold their own against 9.0 planes, but not quite.

A decompression is needed

My personal fave idea is to move the top preforming 9.0s to 10.0 (CL may even be 10.3 worthy), move the good 8.0s and the bad 9.0s to 9.0 (like the LA-200 and the MiG 15 non-bis, the Cougar too), and keep the bad 8.0s at 8.0 while you move the good planes from lower BRs up to there. Such as the F-84G and the MiG 9 Late, they definitely can do at 8.0 with this system.

Supersonics should inhibit the BRs at 11.0 and above. In a perfect world we'd have some newer transonic planes at BRs in between the supersonics and current transonics (like the F-86D, the G.91Y).

But neither of this will happen

And damn does it piss me off. At least implement something.

They did not leave room for more transonics, and that's just too goddamn sad.

Shortly put this is just the problems that air RB has, and it annoys me that air RB will probably never be fixed. I'd quit if I could, believe me. But I can't, too addicted.

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