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Gaijiggles please: VOLVO V70

warthunder 5 - Gaijiggles please: VOLVO V70

With the addition of the Swedish ground forces to the game we are going to see some nice and different domestic designs. However, there is one platform missing. Sweden is widely known for their innovative tank and armored vehicle designs. Top notch tanks like the Strv 103 and the APC and IFV CV90 is coming to mind. But (!!!) the greatest armored fighting vehicle Sweden has ever produced is not in game. I will henceforth present to you the greatest vehicle known to mankind: Volvo V70!!!!!!!

Volvo V70 coated in its blood of its enemies, or a road killed moose

You thought this Swedish marvel was merely a passenger car? You thought wrong! Not only is the V in V70 standing for Vendetta, it also stands for versatility! And versatile it is. With a various number of engines, all with sublime performances, it can reach speed of upwards to 250 km/h. Another significant design you won’t find on peshky cars from non-socialized healthcare countries are the beautiful elongated front. Not only is it stylish and a display of dominance, it also serves an important purpose! We all know the feeling of excitement when you just bought a new Kallax and can’t wait to get home and put it together. But what is that? A wild 700 kg moose appears in front of you while going 200 meatballs with lingonsylt/h and you don’t have time to brake? Don’t you worry, Volvo V70 got your front. The marvel of the elongated front makes sure the moose won’t collapse on top of your car!

We here see a moose rightfully GTFO. No one messes with the V70!

What is that I hear you ask? What about armor? Well let me tell you! This thing is built as a tank. It is made from armored steel. And if the armored steel isn’t enough, applique armor in the shape of composites can be added in the matter of minutes. All you got to do is find the nearest Danish liquor store and strap snaps and beer in. Proof of the armored capabilities: https://imgur.com/gallery/noubrYA


What about armament you might then ask? This is where it gets exciting. The V70 is highly versatile in this regard. With the electrical windows it is easy to roll them down and deploy different smaller caliber guns. Further when the V70 is equipped with a sunroof you can mount ATGM launchers on top and still let the gunner poke out. If you want to be frisky you can also deploy a Carl Gustav from this. Furthermore, you can mount different high caliber guns too. One such example could be this this:

Volvo V70 with applique armor and mounted gun

The Volvo V70 would be a great addition to War Thunder and a very versatile weapons platform. Regarding proposed battle ratings this is a larger discussion. Depending on its armament it can go from everywhere between 10.3 to 18.0. Its top-secret armor is regarded by experts to be at least 6 times as effective of that of a Fiat Panda and at a minimum 10 times as lethal as Nimbus with a Madsen 20mm strapped to it.

Is there any weakness to this magnificent beast? Well yes, one: Danish police when you are going home from the Boarder Shop and have overloaded your car with Danish beer. The second greatest weakness, if you manage to get to the ferry and not get pulled over, is the Swedish customs waiting for you on the other side.

This is a vehicle I could see added with great efficiency and capability.


Volvo V70 added with BR between 10.3 to 18.0. Has great versatility, fast and heavily armored with great variety in armament options. Further information and stats read; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volvo_V70#Safety

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