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Gaijin gives you the ability to change whatever you want in the game except for RP and SL gains, maps and vehicles. What do you do?

warthunder 3 - Gaijin gives you the ability to change whatever you want in the game except for RP and SL gains, maps and vehicles. What do you do?

Imagine a perfect world where a bunch of track suit wearing vodka chugging slav operators abduct you in the most tactical vehicle out there aka the tank proof Lada. You are given a huge task: Make the game more fun so people stop bitching, but there are catches. You can't touch RP or SL gains, you can't touch vehicle or modification costs, and you can't remove any vehicles or maps from the game. All vehicle stats are 100% accurate as confirmed by secret documents, so no nerfs or buffs there. What do you do to address complaints and make the game better?

1: Eliminate static bombing targets that have no effect on the gameplay in air RB. Gameplay will now have an entirely new mechanic: All maps will be won or lost by tanks, landing craft, or ships occupying areas. Static bases supply said vehicles. Factories produce tanks, docks make ships, fleets spawn landing craft. All vehicles come in ways, but destruction of the production facilities will have a proportional effect on the waves.

So, 3 factories make tanks, destroy a factory, 1/3 less tanks can spawn in. Torpedo the LC launch ship, 1/3 less landing craft.

This immediately makes bombers and attackers relevant and vital to the gameplay. If the other team spawns all fighters and spends their time trying to knock out aircraft they can still lose if zones are occupied. The score at the end will be based on occupied zones so if a team knocked out all planes but their zone still got occupied, they still lose.

This will give incentives for bombers to play smart and fighters to protect the bombers, and torpedo bombers will finally be worth flying out.

2: Fighters flying around bombers will get double points or a heft bonus for engaging other enemy fighters within 1-2km of their bombers. It will actually pay to be an escort fighter.

3: Production factories will be surrounded by AA but not as much as airfields. They will have a much reduced accuracy over 4km up, and have slower tracking speeds under 4km.

Basically high altitude bombers won't be knocked out as often by flak, and if you go in low and fast to knock out AA to help it won't be an automatic death sentence if you fly evasively.

4: Instead of pilot damage messing up your flight model, severe pilot injuries will have a timer for getting back to base to give your pilot medical attention. This gives you a choice: Stay in the fight to try and get a kill and then die, or leave the area to rearm and repair and then join the fight again if you have the time. Think of it like the engine dying eventually after it gets damaged.


5: Ground forces games will have zones to occupy and zones to destroy. Certain areas will have to be capped, others will have factories and shipyards that have to be destroyed. Once destroyed those areas will inflict a large but single time hit to the enemies tickets.

Basically, you can go cap A and get a slow bleed, or you can divert your forces and level a bunker or factory at B, and then try and push them off A. Winning through just destroying targets would be unlikely if not impossible but it would be a secondary objective to help.

For a second spawn do you jump in a BF110 to take out tanks, a Do217 to bomb the destructible ares, or a Wirblewind. If you go AA do you back your tanks or protect your destructible areas?

6: Ground forces will also have convoy escort missions where no player tank can cap a circle. Instead they have to protect AI troop carriers to reach the circle. Destruction of all troop carriers would win the match, so would capping and ticket bleed.

7: Naval forces would also have convoy escort duty. Each side would have a merchant marine fleet they need to protect as they sail to a set target.

8: For all battles an increase in night battles and a decrease in battles where the sun is directly behind either team. Yes it's realistic, and it's also bullshit. Not just night battles, but battles in heavy rains with lightning bolts and thunder. Lightning hitting your aircraft would be random but would happen.

9: BR spread limits. You can't field a vehicle more than 2 BR lower than your highest vehicle as your first spawn. Want to bring a Locust against Tigers? You can still do it, just not as the first vehicle you spawn.

10: Planes now get a spotting mechanic just like light tanks. Feeling useless after you drop your bombs? Stay up in the air and mark tanks with your guns, spot them for longer with the spotting mechanic, or go back to the airfield to rearm.

Sorry for the wall of text, but these are some of the changes I'd love to see that wouldn't require a change to the economy, maps or even BR spreads and they would add diversity and by default encourage more team play and tactical thinking. What would you change?

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