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Gaijin is removing all stock APDSFS shells and replacing them with stock HEAT

warthunder 6 - Gaijin is removing all stock APDSFS shells and replacing them with stock HEAT

As the title says, Gaijin is planning to remove all stock APDSFS that can be switched with a HEAT shell.So now even the weak APDSFS will have insane SL price attached to it AND it will be required to be researched first!

This is unacceptable and inexcusable!Gaijin just constantly lies and deceives the community
6818 qa answers from the developers en - Gaijin is removing all stock APDSFS shells and replacing them with stock HEAT

as you can see with this statement from the last Q&A

Q. Is the position of ammunition unlocks being reconsidered? Examples of unequal distribution would be the Leclerc and Type 90. These tanks have to unlock their more powerful APFSDS ammunition, which is placed in tier 4, using the recently adjusted DM12 shell. Comparable tanks unlock their APFSDS ammunition in lower tiers or are provided with APFSDS ammunition in stock configuration.

Yes, it is possible and planned for it to happen for vehicles of rank VI-VII which has the default HEAT shell.

So instead of making the grind acceptable for the Type 90 and Leclerc, they decided to make it horrible for every other tank as well as you can see in this datamine.

We cannot talk to Gaijin like normal human beings would, it was proven time after time they just ignore or just move our suggestions in the "hidden" sections of the forum.


The only way to influence Gaijin is by disliking every social media post they make, this includes youtube and all other platforms. After leaving a dislike ask for change in the comments of every video/post, ask them to actually improve the game, ask to give stock APDSDS to the tanks that are missing it instead giving HEAT to everyone. We should also keep this up for quite a while since last time we just got reduced FPE and PARTS instead of getting them stock as the game should be.

As a further step, for whom it concerns, consider not buying premiums for a while, after all you can always buy them once the game is getting improved again, you are not missing out if you don't buy the latest premium on the market.

Just consider that APDSFS for high tier tanks is only the beginning, remember that almost every tank in the game has either a very weak HEAT shell or APCR, both of which are terrible shells and never used. Think about playing a King Tiger with 100mm HEAT shell as stock round, T-34-85 with stock APCR stock or a Panzer 4 with stock APCR with 38mm of pen at 60° angle and basically 0 killing power.Anyone that has played the JPz 4-5 or the M48A1 knows how terrible stock APRC is, any track or tool box on the tank will stop your shell.

If we let Gaijin get away with everything they will never stop screwing the player, don't we all just want the best War Thunder can be? If we ignore this War Thunder will just get worse and worse for everyone.

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