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Gaijin need to seriously consider the state of their game.

warthunder 3 - Gaijin need to seriously consider the state of their game.

I think it says a lot about this game that, for me at least, the lower tier you play the more "fun" it is. Now, that's not to say I don't do well at high tier (Tier VI Germany, V for the US in tanks and planes) but it's just not fun. You can do well but it. is. not. fun. I've been playing this game for 5 years honestly I don't see why I should keep grinding.

There are so many reasons a new player may as well just stay on the lower tiers. The grind for one, even with Premium it's a massive slog once you get to V and VI. My biggest and worst gripe is the amount of people that roll out their XM1 or Leo 44, die then leave. It ruins the top tier matches because half of the teams are gone once they die once. People grind to get some of the most mobile tanks in the game with the best weapons and their first instinct is to speed to a good spot and then not move for the rest of the match or spend that lovely repair cost.

And we all know the mess that top tier Air is in. Hell it's even seeping into lower tiers now thanks to the Sea Hawk. Top Tier used to be fun with the Migs vs Sabres and as an other user posted it took skill to play. Now you load in on Malta in your stock Mig 15 (god forbid) and get annihilated by a T2 in a mixed battle. Good luck grinding that. I feel even worse for the poor bombers pilots now who were pretty pointless to begin with but now they are just targets for people to test their shiny new missiles on.


You SHOULD be rewarded for grinding to the top, doesn't matter if you put money in Gaijin's greedy pockets by shelling out for Premium time and vehicles and I am one of those people as well but now I am considering just letting the premium time run out and playing lower tiers.

What is there to grind for? the next OP vehicle. then it'll be obsolete next patch. Gaijin sort your fucking game out. New players are lucky they don't have to deal with this shit yet, they do have to deal with all the other things you could be focusing on fixing instead of throwing in new vehicles (I love when an enemy is saved by the brittle sticks of a bush for example).

Short term yes, everyone buying your premiums is great for you I'm sure, but long term whats the point if more and more people get turned off of playing the game?

And all the people that look at the T2 and go "oh gib F4 Phantom and EE Lightning" fuck you. You are part of the problem. Adding new OP shit to counter old OP shit does not help but if that's what y'all want to feel good about the game then fine, join your pod of whales and keep telling yourself its fun to club people because I have been guilty of this myself. I've done it, I've lied to myself about it being fun but it isn't.

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