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Gaijin of the snails please: F35 Draken, the orginial F-35 from Denmark.

warthunder 7 - Gaijin of the snails please: F35 Draken, the orginial F-35 from Denmark.

With the addition of the Saab Draken J-35 to the game I present to you the Danish custom designed version hereof: the original F 35.

As you might know, the J 35 wasn’t known for its ground strike capabilities. It was in fact build purely as an interceptor. With the lack of a proper Swedish fighter bomber the Saab Draken 35XD (Export Denmark) would fill those needs.

TL;DR and pure specs:

A-35XD Draken (f-35):

Length: 15.34 m

Height: 9.42 m

Width: 3.89 m

Empty weight: 8,000 kg.

Loaded weight: 16,100 kg.

Engine power: 5,807/8,013 kg

Top speed: 1663 km/h

Armament: Split over 9 hardpoints; variations of up to 9 1000 pound bombs, unguided rockets and Bull pops. 3 hardpoints under each wing and 3 under the fuselage. Can carry a combination of AIM-9 on the outboard pylons.

Avionics: Up until the 80’s it had none. After extensive upgrades in the early 80’s it got RWR, heads up display, bomb drop calculators with same capabilities as the F-16 and laser rangefinders.

Proposed BR would be 9.7 for the first iteration, however the later upgrades would most likely sit better at 10.3 due to much upgraded bombing capabilities.


In the mid 60’s the RDAF started to look for a new fighter bomber and recognizance jet to replace the aging RF-84F and to also go along side the F-100D fleet. The choice stood between the Mirage V, A-4, F-5A and the J-35. The J-35 was chosen, however a special agreement were reached with Saab to produce three special types for the RDAF. One of the requirements was that the plane could assume the role as a fighter bomber and low altitude support fighter. This plane got the designation F35 and the other two got RF35 and TF35 (reconnaissance and a trainer version). To achieve the role as a fighter bomber the wing was heavily reinforced, and the outer wing was redesigned. This resulted in a much sturdier wing that could carry up to 9 1000-pound bombs and a variety of unguided and guided munitions. The modifications came however at price. The plane gained a lot of extra weight and the top speed was reduced. The plane also lost its radar.


During its lifespan the plane got heavily upgraded to be able to match the Danish F-16s during its lifespan. It received chaff dispensers, RWR, active jammer equipment, proper HUDs, bombing guidance computers and laser rangefinders. I could see this plane come in two versions due to this.

The plane served from 1970 to 1993. During this time the plane type was flown for more than 140,000 hours in the F35 alone and one of the pilots had more than 3000 hours in one which is a record for the Draken overall.

F35 painted as the Danish flag after a legendary 6-1 victory against Urugay in 1986 https://imgur.com/gallery/HhA8FJg

This plane only existed and served with the RDAF. However, we have seen Gaijin not being to shy with adding domestic vehicles only intended for export. The Italian OF tank series comes to mind. This plane would serve as a nice addition to the Swedish tech tree as a dedicated fighter bomber, able to strike fast and hard only to be able to fight its way back home.


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