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Gaijin please, fuel tanks for jets

warthunder 5 - Gaijin please, fuel tanks for jets

With the advent of afterburners for supersonic flight, the need to engage targets as soon as possible have become increasingly more important, at the same time being able to last long enough to actually engage a target or multiple targets is now an issue. It is not good fortune to have the longevity of an me 163 and detacheable fuel tanks on the wings were quite commonplace among jet aircraft.

This would also allow larger maps for tier 6 aircraft where it takes far longer to engage a target, on map whose name I forgot has a very large sea seperating two land masses. This option is especially needed since the map is so large that an me163 would be out of fuel before they reached enemy territory on this map, and the 10-15 minutes of fuel with an afterburner would yeild similar results preventing anyone from being able to RTB and land safely (relatively safe that is, these planes are notoriously hard to land).


A solid way to implement them in the future is to also have an option in the spawn menu to attach fuel tanks that add a specific amount of flight time to the jet, with the fuel tanks being dropped from their hardpoints the moment they are empty and the plane switches to the fuel tanks with their preset fuel time within the jet itself(you get to set the fuel time for internal tanks seperately from the fuel time with the external fuel tanks). It would also be a great option to jetison these fuel tanks prematurely as needed if a player wants to engage a target without worrying about the fuel tanks hampering their capabilities as a fighter.

This could also work on other planes that have historically been equipped with fuel tanks as well, almost every sabre photograph has been equipped with these fuel tanks as well.

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