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Gaijin Please, GIB A-6 INTRUDER

warthunder 1 - Gaijin Please, GIB A-6 INTRUDER

9pvczy68o5k21 - Gaijin Please, GIB A-6 INTRUDER


Following the success of the Douglas A-1 Skyraider during the Korean War, the USN saw the need for a newer carrier based attack aircraft and issued the request for proposals, which Grumman won. (The design experience of Grumman was also taken into account for the construction of the Lunar module in 1962.)

The Intruder carried highly sophisticated radar and attack avionics for its time. It also had one of the first versions of a diagnostic test for the plane to run, lowering total Maintenance man-hours per Flight Hour. The A-6 was able to carry Nuclear armament, and thus “toss bombing” was figured out. It called for a high-speed low-level approach. Nearing the target point, the pilot would put the aircraft into a steep climb. At a computer-calculated point in the climb, the weapon would be released, with momentum carrying it upwards and forwards. The pilot would continue the climb even more steeply, until near a vertical position the aircraft would be rolled and turned, heading back in the direction from which it came. It would then depart from the area at maximum acceleration. During this time, the bomb would rise to an apex, still heading in its original direction, then begin to fall towards the target while traveling further forward. At a pre-programmed height, it would detonate.


Crew: 2

Length: 54ft 9in

Wingspan: 53ft

Width: 25ft 2in (wings folded)

Empty weight: 26,660 lb (12,093 kg)

Max takeoff weight: 60,400 lb (27,397 kg) (shore-based operations)


Max speed: 560kn (644mph; 1037km/h) at sea level

Cruise speed: 412kn (474mph; 763km/h)

Stall speed: 98 kn (113 mph; 181 km/h) (flaps down)

Never exceed speed: 700 kn (806 mph; 1,296 km/h)

Combat range: 878 nmi (1,010 mi; 1,626 km) (with max payload)

Ferry range: 2,818 nmi (3,243 mi; 5,219 km)

Service ceiling: 42,400 ft (12,900 m)

g limits: -2.4 to 6.5

Rate of climb: 7,620 ft/min (38.7 m/s)

9glErhh - Gaijin Please, GIB A-6 INTRUDER


Now for the fun part. Despite being a relatively small and lightweight attacker, the A-6 can hold 18000lbs of ordnance under 5 hardpoints, to carry combinations of

  • Rockets
  • 12x Lau-10 4 round 5 inch Zuni pods
  • 12x Lau-68 7 round 2.75 inch FFAR pods
  • 12x Lau-61/Lau-68 19 round 2.75 inch FFAR pods
  • Missiles
  • AGM-45 Shrike ARM
  • AGM-78 Standard ARM
  • AGM-62 walleye TV-Guided glide bomb
  • AGM-65 Maverick Air-to-ground missile
  • AGM-84 Harpoon Anti Ship Missile
  • AGM-88 HARM anti radar missile
  • AGM-123 Skipper Air-to-ground missile
  • AIM-9 Sidewinder Air-to-Air missile (and other AIM-9 variants)
  • ADM-141 TALD Decoy missiles
  • Bombs & other
  • 28x Mk 82 500lb bombs or Mk20 Rockeye II Cluster bomb
  • 13x Mk 83 1000lb GP bombs
  • 5x Mk 84 2000lb GP bombs
  • Up to three B43/B57/B61 “Special Weapons” (Nuclear)
  • Mk 60 Captor mines (ASW)
  • Up to 5300 gal drop tanks
  • Practice stores, chaff launchers, baggage pods, flares etc.

Personally, since it entered service in 1962 with 693 built it seems like a good next step for the attacker tree, with the new additions of radar and being able to acquire firing solutions maybe needing a hard counter in the next update with the ARMs. Antiship missiles and ASW ordnance are likely very far off. Given the slow speed of this compared to the rest of top tier jets, it should do nicely in ground matches, but the lack of a main gun may make it not much more than a medium speed bomber in air RB. TV-guided bombs may be too strong, going back to the introduction of the FJ-4B.





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