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Gaijin Please: HMS Trinidad (46)

warthunder 2 - Gaijin Please: HMS Trinidad (46)

63wwpsy4muu21 - Gaijin Please: HMS Trinidad (46)



HMS Trinidad was a British Crown Colony-class Light Cruiser of the Fiji-group that served the Royal Navy from 1938-1942. Her short career was mostly uneventful, but she was probably one of the unluckiest ships ever to serve the King. Her only notable engagements were in 1942, where her convoy picked up a squadron of Type 1936A(Mob) destroyers on radar during a snowstorm. Trinidad fired 40 salvoes at the destroyer Z26, but only a few hit, damaging the ship. The convoy fired several torpedoes at the German ships, but they all missed. Finally, Trinidad fired one last torpedo volley at Z26. Out of the three torpedoes attempted to fire, two were stuck in their tubes and never fired due to ice buildup. The third was the worst one to have fired, as its gyro mechanism was defective, and the cold water caused it to behave unexpectedly. Apparently, the torpedo was a Nazi sympathizer, as instead of running in a straight line like a normal torpedo, it chose to instead make a nice circle in the water, and slammed into, you guessed it, HMS Trinidad. This caused heavy damage and killed 32, but she survived and was towed to Murmansk for repairs. A U-boat attempted to torpedo her on her way to Murmansk, but the destroyer HMS Fury attacked it and prevented it from attacking. The shipyard at Murmansk wasn't well enough equipped to fully repair Trinidad, so they patched her up and she sailed, under her own power with a destroyer escort, back to Great Britain. On her way back, she was attacked by more than 20 Ju-88s, which missed all their bombs except one, which hit right next to the patched up hole in the hull, lighting her on fire and killing 63. The order to abandon ship was given since it was now pretty clear that Trinidad was cursed. She was scuttled by a torpedo from the destroyer HMS Matchless.



Top Speed- 33 knots (61 km/h)

Powerplant– 4 Admiralty 3-drum boilers, oil fired

Propulsion- 4 shaft geared turbines, 4 screws, 72,500 SHP (51 MW)

Compliment- 907

Beam- 62' (18.9 m)

Length- 555' (169.3 m)

Draught- 16' (5 m)

Displacement– 8,000 tons


Main Battery- 4 x 3 BL 6" (152 mm) Mk XXIII guns in MK XXI turrets

Secondary Battery– 4 x 2 QF 4" (102 mm) Mk XVI guns in Mk XIX DP mountings

AA– 2 x 4 QF 2 pdr (40 mm) Mk VII "Pom-Pom" cannons in Mk VII mountings

Torpedoes- 2 x 3 21" (530 mm) Mk IX torpedoes


Belt- 3.3" (83 mm)

Deck- 2" (51 mm)

Turret- 2" (51 mm)

Director Tower- 4" (102 mm)

Why, Where, What BR?

Why I Want it- 1, the Royal Navy is not living up to its image as one of the world's best navies, and 2, how many other ships have torpedoed themselves?

Where in the tree?- After either HMS Dido, as the Crown Colony-class was the next class after the Dido-class, or after HMNZS Leander

What BR?– 5.7 since it has a powerful main battery.

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