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Gaijin Please: Republic F-84F-50 Thunderstreak

warthunder 4 - Gaijin Please: Republic F-84F-50 Thunderstreak

This is an early production variant, but it is one of the nicest pictures of the Thunderstreak in flight

Please Gaijin, add the true end of the line for Republic aircraft: The F-84F-50 Thunderstreak! Not only would it top the Republic aircraft that can be added, but it is also an Air Force fighter-bomber with better general performance than the FJ-4B! It would fit perfectly into 9.0 jet battles and be competitive in both Air and Tank games.

Very generally, the F-84F series planes had a

  • top speed at sea level of 685mph (for the W-7 engine version it could be 690mph, still waiting on sources)
  • roll rate comparable or better than the Sabres
  • Good high speed handling characteristics due to AFT and all hydraulic controls (as well as spoilers to aid in roll)
  • Climb rate of 7,400ft/min
  • 6x .50s with 300RPG and a wide variety of ordnance capabilities (including Mk80 series bombs and rocket pods!)
  • Jettisonable pylons, so when ordnance is delivered, you don't have to keep pylons dragging down performance

Of course if need be, countries like France, Germany, and Italy could all receive export F-84F-45s that had a weaker engine as well.

Please visit my forum post to see more! I have done a lot of research to bring the most detail I could in the performance and history of this aircraft, and it's really too much to say here!


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