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Gaijin pls AMX-10P

warthunder 6 - Gaijin pls AMX-10P

The AMX-10P is a
France - Gaijin pls AMX-10P

French amphibious
Infantry fighting vehicle - Gaijin pls AMX-10P
infantry fighting vehicle. It was developed after 1965 to replace the
AMX VCI - Gaijin pls AMX-10PAMX-VCI in service with the mechanized regiments of the French Army; the first prototypes were completed in 1968. Production commenced between 1972 and 1973.


The AMX-10P is fully amphibious, being propelled through water at speeds of up to 7 km/h by twin waterjets. It is also fitted as standard with a trim vane and bilge pumps to assist with the flotation process.

Production History

Designed 1968

Produced 1973–1994

No. built 1,750


Mass 14.2 tonnes (15.7 short tons; 14.0 long tons)

Length 5.778 m (18 ft 11.5 in)

Width 2.78 m (9 ft 1 in)

Height 1.87 m (6 ft 2 in) (hull)

Crew 3 (commander, gunner, driver) + 8 passengers

Engine Hispano-Suiza Model 115-2 eight-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel

276 hp (205 kW) at 3,000 rpm

Power/weight 20 hp/tonne (14.9 kW/tonne)

Ground clearance 0.45m

Fuel capacity 528 litres

Operational range 600 km

Speed 65 km/h (40 mph)


Main armament: 20 mm F2/M693 autocannon (800 rounds)

Secondary armament: 7.62 mm MAS coaxial machine gun (2,000 rounds)

French Army AMX-10Ps were fitted with a 20 mm autocannon in a Toucan II two-man turret with seating for a gunner and commander. Export variants of the AMX-10P also abounded, including models equipped with battlefield surveillance radars, the ATILA artillery fire control system, a bank of HOT anti-tank missiles, 60 mm or 81 mm gun-mortars, and a large 90 mm gun.



AMX-10P hulls are fabricated from a welded steel or aluminum alloy and notable for their parallel incorporation of the driving and engine compartments. The driver is seated at the front of the vehicle and to the left. An AMX-10P's driving compartment is provided with a single hatch cover opening to the rear and three periscopes intended for observation purposes when the hatch is closed. Night vision equipment was not fitted as standard to the base production model; however, one of the three driving periscopes could be replaced with combined day/night intensification sights as needed. The troop compartment is at the rear of the hull and provided with two roof hatches. Passengers embark and debark from a ramp, which is accessed through two doors at the rear.

Transmission consists of a hydraulic torque converter coupled to a gearbox with one reverse and four forward driving gears. The AMX-10P utilises a torsion bar suspension, which supports five road wheels with the drive sprocket at the front and idler near the rear. These can be accessed from inside the hull through maintenance panels.

Standard AMX-10P turrets are equipped with a GIAT M693 automatic cannon firing two different types of both high explosive ammunition and armour-piercing ammunition. More than one ammunition type may be loaded at once and fired alternatively. The high explosive rounds have a muzzle velocity of 1,050 m/s, while the latest armour-piercing round has a muzzle velocity of 1,300 m/s and is capable of penetrating 20 mm of rolled homogeneous armour at an incidence of 60°. The autocannon has a cyclic rate of fire of 740 rounds per minute, with the gunner being able to switch between semiautomatic, limited burst, or fully automatic fire as necessary.

AMX-10Ps have a very distinctive, pointed hull and a sloping glacis plate, with the driver's position plainly visible to the left. The hull roof is horizontal as well as sloped slightly inwards, accommodating a turret ring near the centre of the chassis. Both hull sides are vertical and lack firing ports. There is a circular exhaust outlet on the right side of the hull above the second and third road wheels.

AMX 10P - Gaijin pls AMX-10P


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