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Gaijin Pls: F-100F “Wild Weasel 1”

warthunder 2 - Gaijin Pls: F-100F "Wild Weasel 1"

Because every one of us who like flying planes or helos in top-tier hates the impenetrable AA umbrella, and it's gonna get even worse this patch.

aeqc0x8zjrz21 - Gaijin Pls: F-100F "Wild Weasel 1"

The F-100F is basically just a twin-seat version of the F-100D in-game, so it's not only in timeframe for the game but it would be easy to model. Due to its lowered air-to-air armament and the added weight of the second cockpit and avionics, BR 9.3 seems reasonable.

Inbuilt armament is twin 20mm M39 cannons, half of the load of the F-100D. Conventional payloads for the F-100F are essentially the same as the F-100D ingame, with up to ~3000 kg of bombs and a variety of USAF-standard rockets. But that's not the fun bit; the F-100F was the first aircraft to deploy a Suppression of Air Defenses (SEAD) Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM) according to this DTIC research paper (the section on SEAD starts at pg 78 in the PDF). Instead of the Sidewinders or Bullpups of the 100D, we get the option of the AGM-45 Shrike anti-radiation missile. Only 2 of these can be carried on inboard pylons, with conventional weaponry on the outboard ones.

The Shrike missiles aren't a hard counter to AA. They have a very low off-boresight angle, so you have to fly almost straight at an enemy AA piece to get a missile off. If the enemy deactivates their radar, the Shrike would lose lock and essentially turn into an unguided rocket (unless the enemy turns on their radar again, to prevent people just toggling radar to lose the lock). But if an AA piece doesn't practice good radar discipline, they get a 67kg high-explosive fragmentation warhead to the radar, and penetrating shrapnel through the weak top armor. This warhead weight is 2/3rds of the AGM-12 Bullpup (an already proven tank killer in War Thunder) and is easily capable of taking out any radar-based AA piece ingame. It's also fire-and-forget, which lowers pilot load and means you can worry about evading return fire.


With only a load of 2 ARMs, the F-100F would be relatively balanced; even if AA pieces do not deactivate radar, constant returns to base and rearming would be required to perform effective SEAD. Also, a single missile is 177kg, so a full loadout of AGM-45s + rocket pods or bombs would massively impair the performance of the F-100F, making it easy prey for enemy interceptors. SEAD is a situational role, requiring air superiority and only capable of engaging a few targets at a time, but properly used can penetrate an AA umbrella and allow strikes on enemy targets using either the F-100F's conventional payload or in coordination with another pilot. This would hopefully promote teamwork and strategy, and makes CAS useful again.

Note that Tunguska missiles do technically require operational radar to be launched "supported by the direct-view optics and the HOT SHOT target tracking and acquisition radars onboard the 2S6". The only top-tier non-radar AA that has been announced so far would be the Stormer HVM and possibly the Bradley ADATS (I couldn't find anything about the missile FCS and whether it uses the radar) and Roland (depending on the missile it uses it's either SACLOS or radar-guided), and their limitation of SACLOS guidance with a very fast missile means jets should be able to evade with high-g maneuvers.

The F-100F, because we need a way to delete Tunguskas cancer and spread high-explosive freedom.

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