War Thunder

Gaijin PLS: The American R3, Lockheed XM800W.

warthunder 7 - Gaijin PLS: The American R3, Lockheed XM800W.

d8dujirh4fs51 - Gaijin PLS: The American R3, Lockheed XM800W.

XM800W with the original turret and no gun shield. (my personal favourite look)

Detailed description and labels Pt.1

Detailed description and labels Pt.2

Size Measurements

Front view (Note the twisting of the front hull part)

Climbing over barriers

Jumping off hills


Following the poor performance of the M114 armoured fighting vehicle show in service, the US Army wanted a new command and reconnaissance vehicle. This started the MICV-65 program, with the intention of finding a replacement for the M113 and M114. In 1971, the army requested proposals, and one resulting concept was the XM800 Armored Reconnaissance Scout Vehicle. In 1972, two contracts to develop the vehicle were awarded; one to Lockheed for a wheeled design (XM800W), and one to FMC for a tracked design (XM800T). The XM800W was later equipped with a new turret design that had an upper cover that flipped forward to form a gun shield, or rearward to close up. Both vehicles are part of the same project and have similar performance, but each has a unique design. While tests found their performance to be successful, neither made it to production. Instead, Bradley was to become the United States' new scout vehicle.


General Characteristics:

Crew: 3

Top speed: 65 mph/105 kph (onroad)

Weight: 7.7 tons

Hull armour: All-around aluminum alloy with dual hardness steel and aluminum applique

Turret armour: cast aluminum and dual hardness steel.

Armament: 20mm M139 autocannon (exact same Oerlikon KAD gun on the R3 T20-HS) with an optional 7.62mm M60D machine gun on a pintle.

Amphibious: Yes

Scouting Ability: Yes

NVD: Yes

How it would work in-game:

This is perhaps the closest thing and the best counter vehicle the allies can get close to the R3. This Italian lunchbox car is immensely hated and loved by many. However, one thing that is certain is that it does not have equal rivalry or competition against other SPAA or Scout vehicles especially at a ridiculous BR of 3.7… And America almost never pairs with Axis except for mixed battles. The R3 is simply too good at what it does and needs a real challenger… The XM800W will be still be slower than the R3 whilst having the same gun but also have better control and mobility with its six-wheel-drive along with a front articulating hull that can 'twist' from side to side. (Would be epic and cool to see this modelled in War Thunder). It can also be considered to better protected against heavy machine gunfire from both the front and sides. It will also have access to full API belts (compared to the R3 which can only fire 2 API shells and then a HEF-I shell).

Proposed BR: 3.7- (Whatever the R3 is at currently is )

Placement: After the M15A1 CGMC as an SPAA.

Playstyle: Early capture and rush attack plus support recon scout vehicle for team.

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