War Thunder

Gaijin stole $74.48 from me and refuses to give the money back or give me the content that I paid for.

warthunder 6 - Gaijin stole $74.48 from me and refuses to give the money back or give me the content that I paid for.

Disclaimer: I don't want to discredit the hard work that they do to keep this game running (albeit not that well). I want this to be a call out to the community and I want the support team to take notice. This is a throwaway account for obvious reasons. These are my experiences and they may not be yours, but this could happen to you. (And if you know who I am, keep it shushed). Plus if the mods want to delete this, do what you feel like, I don't really care. I don't have malicious intent with this post. I can't seem to find a rule that this would break.

A year ago, I bought packs of GE and vehicles on credit card and they recalled the charged because they thought it was fraudulent. I tried to work it out but they did not want to take the risk of security. So gaijin shut down my account and told me that I had to repay my debt. So I did. A lovely costumer service rep helped me out with it and told me to pay back the debt in GE. This is exactly what I did. I went and got steam cards to pay off the debt. My account was restored back to normal.

Fast forward to 3 days ago. I log in and see that I now have missing vehicles, missing premium time and negative GE. I submit a ticket to the support team and a day later I get an email that says "you did not rebuy the packs" (referring to paying off the debt). Well I was instructed to buy GE, plus those packs were special limited time packs, like the wings of victory bundle. So how was I supposed to do this? So I ask them why this is, and that I followed the instructions. They replied that there was an "error" in the system. This already makes no sense. So a year later, they catch some "error" and I suffer losses due to this "error". So they suddenly change their minds as to how this all works and call it some "error". This already doesn't make sense. But then I am told that I did "not pay for the packs so they must be removed from your account". The chargeback was worth $139 (which included the packs). I paid the $139 back in full last year, so gaijin was no longer at a loss with money.

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So then in the next email, they tell me that I "used the refunded packs". Well yea, of course I did. After I bought them back. So this isn't adding up. So they removed 2 packs that I had bought back which total up to $74.48. So that means that I have paid them $74.48 for packs that they removed from my account, so now, I am at a net loss. They have money that I gave them, and they took the product away from me. This is literally theft. They took my money, and they gave me a pack. A year later they take away the pack that I PAID FOR. So now it is company policy to steal money from people??? How does this make sense? This is a scam. I paid for something, I should expect something back. But instead they pull it away from me. I asked gaijin to give me my money back, give me the packs, or let me speak to a person higher up in the company, NONE OF WHICH HAVE HAPPENED. I have already been dissatisfied with Gaijin many times before, but nothing to this extent where they steal my money and tell me it was an "error".

You have no idea how pissed off I am.

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