War Thunder

Gear breaking guide-ish

warthunder 5 - Gear breaking guide-ish

A lot of people have been complaining about gear breaking in the air races event. Personally, I do not see it as a form of cheating. It is open to all to learn and has an inherent extreme risk for a substantial reward.

How to gear break:

1) Set alt to ft. Since its a smaller measurement than meters, it is easier to gauge your exact altitude.

2) Get to water. Most obvious step. On both race maps there are long straight aways over open waters. Water is extremely flat and easier to crash wheels into without the plane following.


3) Reduce altitude to 15ft and slowly descend a foot a second. This affords you about a 1 second window to pull up

4) Watch your plane, not the altimeter. When the splashing starts, pull up immediately. Usually you will now be without your wheels. A lucky pilot will lose the carriage as well.

If someone has a better guide than mine, posting it below will be nice.

Good luck racers, the 2-OP can still be yours!


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