War Thunder

Goobityhoop pls: Give us an option to forgive Friendly Fire

warthunder 4 - Goobityhoop pls: Give us an option to forgive Friendly Fire

I was in Air SB and me and a teammate were helping win a battle. My teammate accidentally gave a short burst of fire into the tail of my B-34. I didn't get shot down, I didn't loose a rudder or elevator, it wasn't a crit, my plane was perfectly flyble. I continuted to bomb for a few more minutes before heading back to base. On approach to landing I stalled out and crashed. However, it counted as my teammate shooting me down, which is BS. I crashed because I fu*ked up on landing. It had nothing to do with him. I felt really bad about that cause I know he got a big SL penalty for something that wasn't his fault. I think the abilty to forgive a friendly kill would be great because sometimes it really is an honest mistake, and sometimes, as in the case of me, it isn't even their fault.

TL:DR: I was shot by my teamate; ten minutes later I crashed on landing yet my teammate still was penalized for friendly fire. We should have and option to forgive friendly fire.

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