War Thunder

Great Tips: Assign your Neutral Gear (Instruction will be at the bottom)

warthunder 7 - Great Tips: Assign your Neutral Gear (Instruction will be at the bottom)

For those of who feel that stopping takes to long. You are right, it takes way too long. But this is a game, and not reality, so stopping should be done at the same pace that arcade boost has so graciously provided to us. Hence, Presenting some in-game knowledge that will improve your game immediately.

  • It will Reduce the time it takes to stop and reverse.
  • It will engage the vertical stabilizers faster with a longer window of effective stabilization of the gun platform. Roughly 1-2 seconds depending on your speed before reversing(pressing S)
  • The same manipulation can be used to provide better angling or worse angling against incoming shells. As a Result of Inertia,
    • Front Hull is greatly depressed further towards the ground than normal.
    • Rear Hull is greatly elevated further towards the sky, than normal.
    • Same can be applied diagonally across the hull by reversing(pressing S) when changing direction Left or Right.
      • This can lead to a combo of effective directional changes without a great loss to speed and acceleration.
  • This Manipulation of the gears, allow for a quick downshift to the reverse gears. Providing better traction towards the front end of the tracks. Resulting in the reduction of time required for the length of the tracks to make full contact with the ground, from there, you will begin moving in reverse.
    • You will just stop for roughly same amount of time, however tank responsiveness during and after is higher = of saying, "Accelerate in reverse faster because the tracks have proper traction."

For those of you experimenting with it, I greatly suggest playing with the American/Japanese M24 for, stop and fire, and enhanced reverse movement. For Hull manipulation in the use of bouncing shells, Sherman tanks are very responsive. Specific variants are better in different situation, such as the A1's performing better at bouncing when inclined going upward compared to other Sherman as shells have a difficult time making proper contact with the Armour, and are more likely to simply bounce, thus elevating the front hull is generally better than depressing it. you can artificial create a positive inclination by breaking and reapplying the gas before the tank uses its reverse gear. you have a small window where the A1 is massively easier to kill because of the depression from the stop, however you gain a few moments where your tank is more difficult to kill because of the release of the inertia going forward.


I Have rambled on, their are more benefit and changes but these are the immediate effects you will experience should you decide to make the adjustment. It really is simple

Assign your Neutral Gear to your reverse. To assign it, first change into manual transmission mode, Tank transmission Gear Neutral will now be available to be assigned, assign it to your reverse key, by default the (S) key is your reverse. Once done, Change back to Automatic Transmission, and you will be good to go. Happy Hunting, I hope this will change the meta and the diversity of tanks on field. If you play with a PS4 controller on PC using Steam, I do have an experimental control layout for just this as a demo, if you are interested in helping develop control schemes then please, reach out to me.

s5yp0deipmo21 - Great Tips: Assign your Neutral Gear (Instruction will be at the bottom)


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