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warthunder 2 - Greetings from World of Tanks

Hello persons,

I have been playing WOT for six years and ruining my life with every game. Somehow I am the last player on all servers who refuses to play the pay to win tanks and have decided it might be cheaper and easier to simply try this game than to continue suggest Russian tanks abide by historical facts or reside within the bounds of…physics with any expectation of my target audience giving one shit. It is regrettable to be in this position with any game, but Im at the point where a ticket to Minsk + 1 or 2 jerry cans of gas is more on my mind than Festive Atmosphere, Lootboxes, or the Next Russian God Tank to hit the field…

With that prologue now behind us, I am posting here to politely inquire if this game is good. Bulleted for readability:

*Is it sustainable, or killing its player base like wot?

*Is there a brainless as*hole monetizing it with unbalanced tanks.


*I dont care if you guys dont like each other…in fact that sort of thing is exciting for pvp…but is there pvp and is it something a newish person can get into?

*Is there a clan scene that controls the outcome of competitive content/gameplay (like wot), or…i don't know could you maybe just comment on this one.

*WOT is still plagued with cheating, and there is no automatic detection because that sort of deep learning AI is an order of magnitude beyond what WG subhumans could develop or afford. They just lie about it and pay a few guys to ghost the frequently reported players. How about here?

*Do arty subhumans play here?

I would be grateful for your feedback.

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