War Thunder

Having a hard time with Air RB

warthunder 3 - Having a hard time with Air RB

Im having a really hard time with air realisitc. I want to discuss what and why i make mistakes and how i can overcomne them becuase every game ends the same, im always bested and i end the game with poor stats. I dont need anyone telling me to simply get good, i know that, but id just like to discuss my play choices and see if anyone can advise me on how to improve. Youtube videos are no help at all.

For context, i currently use the Swift mk1. Its the only jet i have. Right now my current strategy consists of avoiding the fight for a little while then strafing enemies. I need to work on my aim but theres things i want to point out.

How do i get an advantage on an enemy? People just tell me boom n zoom without explaining, how the hell does that work. No one ever just allows me to come in full force and get a good hit on them. They either turn right into me and we both die or simply by flying sidewya or under me i can not get the gun on target wothout pulling some crazy G's or turns. At high speeds the Swift Mk1 dosnt move very well which makes it even harder. How do i catch an enemy of gaurd, ive tried strafing from above, underneath, straight on but they really easily avoid my guns, especially at high speeds.

How do i not die? Simple question but hard to explain. Many times ill miss a target but when flying away i cant fly away fast enough before they can snipe me. What do i do when an enemy comes into strafe me? its so hard to avoid canon fire since the swift does turn well at speeds. No matter how much i turn, swivel or roll if an enemy turns in on me im always ending up running through their line of sight. What do i do when something above me or behind me starts to chase me? I cant shake them as much as i try. Barrel rolling doesnt help, wiggling just slows me down, trying to run is only effective if theres some distance between us to beging with, turning to the sides just makes me an easy target, pulling towards the sky seems to make it easier toi hit me and diving just makes it harder to control.


How do I know what to engage and what should i be avoiding? I have very little knowledge of aircraft, i dont know when ive been uptiered or what kind of planes im fighting but how do i determine what targets are best to strike. Ive heard people say to target planes that have waisted their energy but how do i determine that. Youtube videos make it look so easy but they never relate to my own experience.

How am i supposed to fairwell in an uptier? Its simple, how am i supposed to fight much superior aircraft that have higher speeds, better weapons, AA msiles and turn better. I can not run from them, i can not catch them, what the hell am i supposed to do when an AA missle is launched cos i cant outrun it and when i try turning im just easily picked off by canons. These games suck so much cos i tend to just stick to the map edges and get little to no rewards for the battle.

I feel dumb for all this but out of all the games ive played im not getting any better and everything i play feels really inferior. The Swift is upposed to be good but its hard to hit stuff and pick off players. Ive got the entire british groiund forces tree researched and the learning curve for Ground RB was not nearly as steep as Air RB.

Im asking for advise or tips on my playstyle. Please spare your snarky comments, if you dont have anythuing usefull to say then just ignore this post.

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