War Thunder

Hornet F.3, placeholders FM and you!

warthunder 2 - Hornet F.3, placeholders FM and you!

So i promised Rob to show him why is the Hornet 'FM' not really a FM and as it happens the topic turned out to quite enlightening.

Planes on the test

Hornet, Ki-83, TA 154

Test 1

Take the planes to 450 KPH and measure the elevator authority.

Hornet, 15% sustained elevator deflection

3ThcPbV - Hornet F.3, placeholders FM and you!


under the same conditions, Hornet will pull sustained -82% negative deflection. Think about it….

Ny1Iz5E - Hornet F.3, placeholders FM and you!


Ki-83, 67% sustained elevator deflection

0l3ZKrj - Hornet F.3, placeholders FM and you!


TA 154, 48% sustained elevator deflection

D95OIDl - Hornet F.3, placeholders FM and you!


I think you can see the direction this is going, just by the numbers 🙂

But lets assume that the engineers at DH actually didn't gave the plane elevator or the British pilots were exceedingly weak, but only when it comes to positive deflection.

Yeah, i think you can tell that 15% deflection is a complete and total bullshit, especially when compared with others. You can also tell that plane which can sustain only 15% positive deflection has some explaining to do for pulling 82% negative deflection under the same conditions.

Test 2


Take the plane to red line and try to pull out

Hornet, 22% deflection

0YAVv2W - Hornet F.3, placeholders FM and you!


Ki-83, 31% deflection

BGBILrX - Hornet F.3, placeholders FM and you!


TA 154, 24% deflection

KSBfJ8N - Hornet F.3, placeholders FM and you!


Now lets talk a proper FM behavior.

The faster the plane goes, the greater are the forces on the control surfaces, the greater forces are the elevator deflects harder and with more difficulties.

And we can see it right here. Two planes with a proper FM (TA and Ki) go faster and their elevator deflection decreases accordingly.

The one plane without a proper FM (guess which one) goes about the physics differently, Hornet actually deflects better when terminally stiffened, which is a complete fucking nonsense.

You are hitting 800 KPH, the plane is about to fall apart, the forces on the elevator are significantly higher than at 450 KPH, but somehow the elevator goes from 15% to 22% and we call that a FM!

I think its safe to say that Hornet has no real FM, merely a seriously botched placeholder failing to imitate one!

On the side note, this is what people mean by quality of life update, this thing here is the prime example why we desperately need one. Just FYI, Hornet was released September 2017 and still has the same placeholder 25 months later. That's why!

Furthermore, this also hits the limitations of the bug report system. I mean go on and bug report this blatantly broken ass elevator without a source stating the DH actually gave the plane a functional elevator, at the same time Hornet has no available charts for turn performance. Sooo…..that's that!

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