War Thunder

How to ACTUALLY play the Tiger

warthunder 4 - How to ACTUALLY play the Tiger

WT player of 5 years and a German main here to actually share some basic tips of playing the Tiger without collapsing into GeRmAnY sUfFeRs or jUsT aNgLe.

I'll discuss & show some Overall strategy, Basic Controls, and Positioning Tactics (Basic, Sidescraping, Hull-down).

Overall Strategy.

Your Tiger has flat plates of 82 mm on the sides and 100 mm in the front, which means that even Sherman 75 mms can theoretically pen you if you show your plates head on. So, I like to snipe from far away, with an angled hull. Use "R" to rangefind for that one shot, one kill. Hide your hull by sidescraping or being hull down (demonstrated below).

Basic controls necessary for German players.

It's really easy to get hits if you press R (by default) to use your rangefinder, which is available for all tanks. (It's not really a rangefinder, but your "gunner" that's "calculating" the distance for you.)

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Press R to range to your target. Upgrade Crew Skills > Gunner > Rangefinding to be able to range more accurately & further.

Once you have your range, set your sights to RANGE + 50. It's because your shell's parabolic trajectory should be slightly behind your target to hit where you're exactly aiming. Use "Sight Distance Control" (available in controls– I like to use the scroll button) to set your range. Physically setting your range helps in re-acquiring the same range after you switch between targets or relocate.

Add 50 (barrel view) or 100 (gunner view) via "Sight Distance Control" to adjust your scope to that range. Helps for re-acquiring targets faster between movements/reloads.

Actually Angling.

Angle your target in the 1:30 o'cloch position. This is pretty solid advice even from real WWII-era Tiger manuals (Tigerfibel). Here, I'll show a few POV's on what 1v1 angling looks like. This roughly coincides with the corner of your tank.

1v1 angling. Your POV.

Here's what your enemy sees. A 76 mm or 85 mm might be able to pen your front in Close Quarters Battle (CQB), but you'll be impervious to <85 mm beyond 500 m or so.

1v1 angling. Enemy POV. Most hull shots with 75-85mm will bounce beyond 500 m.

For some extra finesse, notice that your front is slightly thicker than your side. So, your angle should be a bit uneven to make the angled thicknesses between the front & side relatively equal. I like to angle my front slightly flatter because it's thicker.


1v1 angling. Your front & sides are of uneven thickness, so your front should be slightly less angled than your side. I like to line up my barrel to the front side of the corner.

Other Angling – Side Scraping.

On urban maps like Abandoned Factory, you can also line up against a building. Such a tactic is called "sidescraping". This relies on the fact that most buildings are invincible in WT. Basically, to sidescrape, push up your front plate against a building and expose a very steep angle of your side. Makes you almost invincible against most tanks at your tier besides Stalin's HE fridge cannons or the Super Pershing's Long 90 mm.

SIDESCRAPING against a building. Makes you almost entirely vulnerable since nobody can pen your side at that steep of an angle (unless they can already HE lolpen your turret).

Ideally, you shouldn't expose your hull at all by pushing up against the building as much as possible. Here's what the enemy sees.

SIDESCRAPING. Enemy POV. Almost impossible to pen as long as you're carefully angled.

Other Tactics – Hull Down (basic).

Some maps are good for being hull down, like Kursk (Fire Arc).

Various defensive positions on a slope.

Hull-down works best with Allied tanks with good (-10 deg or more) depression like US/UK tanks and German open-top TDs. Good reverse speed is great too, so you can zoom back into turret-down position while reloading.

But you can also hull-down with the Tiger AND apply all the angling tactics from above. See an example below.

HULL DOWN on Kursk/Fire arc. When you're reloading, angle your turret towards the enemy.

Side view. Notice how most of the hull is hidden behind the defilade (hill). Use Free Look (C by default) to see different POV's of your tank's angles.


This is just an introduction, and other users can contribute too. I'm just sick of seeing all the low-effort memes about "just angling" in a Tiger without anybody actually, seriously showing new players howwwww to play the Tiger.

Every situation, every target, every hill, every map is different. A lot of it comes from experience of hundreds of battles. But these general tips should be a good start.

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