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I don’t understand why Gaijin torpedoes their own work by just ignoring miniscule things.

warthunder 5 - I don't understand why Gaijin torpedoes their own work by just ignoring miniscule things.

I just started playing War Thunder this month and was initially impressed with the level of depth in content, even if the gameplay was flawed here or there. But as I've climbed the Japanese GF tree, I've already been turned on to the verge of quitting over two really tiny things that would not take a programmer 5 minutes to fix.

First was the Chi-Ri. This tank was the pinnacle of IJA design, basically the Japanese equivalent to the Panther, so I was really looking forward to it. Then, upon reaching it, I realise that it's horrifically bugged, with a reload time twice what it should be because the ammo-stowage mechanic doesn't work correctly. OK, I'll just go bug report and…. somebody already did 6 months ago??? Wow, okay. I can only imagine the Tiger or Panther having doubled reload time for half a year due to a bug, what a game.

Well, Gaijin has this really aggressive anti-customer policy of strictly moderating bug reports and demanding that the customer essentially do QA's job for them when submitting them. Whatever, I thought I'd play along, if it actually leadsto problems getting fixed – the old bug report about the Chi-Ri was pretty barebones, maybe that's why it wasn't fixed. So I spend two hours recording a video thoroughly documenting the bug and getting game logs and making a report, and… ignored. Man, at least when QA employees are normally ignored by management, they're still getting a paycheck. Being a QA volunteer is lame.

Whatever. I was looking forward to the Chi-Ri, but in the end I didn't play it a single time. Because there's no line-up for them without Chi-Ri, I also didn't get to try the Chi-To either. Still, I got into War Thunder because I wanted to drive a Type 74, so I guess I can just overlook this sour experience and move on…


…and of course the Type 74 is bugged too. Of course it is! The gun isn't stabilised, despite having a stabiliser. You can try it in test drive and just toggle the stabiliser on and off and it clearly does nothing. How does something this trivial to detect, literally something you could find just by playing the tank one time, make it past QA? How long has it been bugged? I don't actually want to know.

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I was going to take the opportunity with the holiday sale to buy all of the discounted Japanese premium vehicles and get premium + a talisman on STB-1 for powergrinding out the Type 74, but… why would I pay for a ticket on a sinking ship? It doesn't matter how fancy it is, it can be the Titanic upgraded with a helopad and a supersonic jet escort, but I'm not getting on it if you don't acknowledge the holes in the ship.

I'm sure I'm just ranting to the choir here, but having my entire experience sabotaged, and my month of time grinding wasted, by such trivial little issues warranted venting anyways. It would be faster to fix these issues than to model a single helicopter blade, and yet here we are. I just don't get it. Is spending tons of effort implementing new game mechanics and modeling tons of vehicles even profitable if nobody wants to play them because they're utterly dysfunctional?

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