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I enjoyed this event

warthunder 1 - I enjoyed this event

After seeing everybody complain for a week about this event, I decided it's time to put my two cents in. Before we begin, I just want to apologize in advance, because I'm writing this at 4:30 in the morning. Anyway, here goes.

Why I enjoyed this event:

I only had a couple days to grind for various reasons, so I didn't need an overly complicated event. When I actually started, it was pretty simple, just press examine/disassemble/assemble, go into a match, play, and get toolkits. When you get back, your part is done with what it was doing. This was great because I didn't have to spend a whole lot of time figuring out how to do the event or any strategy for it, all I had to do was play the game. This was a great thing for me. I got to take a break from the grind and take out one of my favorite tanks, the Panzer IV/70, and just have fun. I don't want to brag, but due to the IV/70, the 190 A-5, and the He 219 I was often top of my team. Since I only wanted the Flak Toaster, this really helped out the grind.


This event also greatly improved my experience and gameplay. As I said before, I got to enjoy one of my favorite tanks, and have fun. On top of that, two things I like most about Ground RB is the air combat and SPAA. The thing I like about the air combat is that it isn't Climb Thunder, but instead it encourages everyone to be involved in one engagement, at one altitude. This means that you are in the action a little quicker, and every type of plane has a role. Attackers go for tanks, fighters go for fighters and attackers, and bombers just do the best they can. In my opinion it's just a lot more enjoyable. SPAA is also tons of fun. There's nothing more satisfying than spawning in a Wirbelwind and shooting down 3 planes in 10 seconds. The problem with both GFRB air combat and SPAA is that there simply aren't enough targets to make it interesting. However, during this event, the main focus was to get the highest score. The way you do that is by being in a plane. This means that there are a ton of planes, making air combat and SPAA loads of fun.

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The final great thing about this event is money. I got my Toaster completely free, everything dropped that I needed, and I got it in like a day. After that, I decided to sell everything I got. In the course of one day, I made around 30 Snail Sheckles solely off of toolkits (I sold two components that I got, but that was a total of about $4). Now I, someone who doesn't have disposable income to spend on games, have plenty of money to buy a tier 5 premium US tank (T114 or T54E1, I haven't decided yet).

In conclusion, say all the negative things you want about this event. Just know that some people, even if it's just me, actually enjoyed this event. If you read this far, I hope I was easy enough to follow, because this took 15 minutes to type and I'm not gonna proofread it.

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