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I think this community (WT community as a whole) gives Gaijin and War Thunder a lot of unwarranted shit.

warthunder 7 - I think this community (WT community as a whole) gives Gaijin and War Thunder a lot of unwarranted shit.

I've been playing War Thunder for around 7 years. I used to be one of those people who would sit back and just complain about every single thing Gaijin has done wrong. That's just how it was, it was the "cool" thing. Recently (about 3 or 4 months ago) I really took a step back and looked at the game in the grand scheme of things. This game is, by far, one of the best vehicle combat games on the market – if not the best – for what it is.

The main issue I hear with this game is the BR problem. I agree. BR is kinda messy at the moment. But at the same time, I think it's crazy to say, "wow, my 1945 tank is being hit by a 1960 something tank. Bad game." Gaijin pits vehicles of similar characteristics against one another. If we were going by time period, Chi-ha's would have to fight T32E1's. There would be 0 fun in that. To give an example, a tiger 2 and a BMP-1, while they have drastically different eras, is a much better matchup than a Chi-ha trying to fight a behemoth T32E1. Yes, the BMP does have missiles, but this is when your skill and situational awareness comes in. Here's a PSA – You are going to come across an enemy that is superior to you in every. Single. MMO. You. Play. In some situations, you are going to have to play at the disadvantage and take the victory from certain defeat, and that is just going to happen, there is no tiptoeing around that fact.

> I will admit though that there are some differences that are far too drastic – i.e. when a tank that has thermals on a night map is up against one that only has NVD, or when a very, very good jet fighter is against a prop – it's a tad ridiculous. I'm not saying Gaijin is perfect, but I am saying things aren't nearly as bad as we make them out to be.

Another problem I hear is, "they need to add more WW2 stuff!" Like…? There are far more WW2 vehicles in the game than any other era, and Gaijin has made sure to add all of the major names that people would want to try. For instance, say someone who hasn't played War Thunder wants to play a Tiger 2 – It's there. How about a Lorraine? – It's there. Okay, okay, but then how about an obscure tank…like, like the Brummbar! There aren't many games that have that vehicle! – It's there.

Any more WW2 vehicles would begin to move into the way obscure, and frankly, I think it's crazy to say "wow, you don't have this one tank or aircraft that has like three historical documents about it? What an awful WW2 game." In terms of WW2, the game is fine. As I said, all the major names are there, so I don't see why we need to add some half-track variant that was only used in like two countries who were hardly involved in the war.


Bugs are few and far between. In my 7 years I have only experienced a handful of bugs, all of which were typically visual (lighting) and went away after I restarted the game. It happens. I don't know why we are acting like WT is the devil incarnate if it has visual bugs. Other bugs, like actual bugs that effect gameplay, are also few and far between. They usually effect only certain vehicles, and while it does take a while to get them fixed usually, I mean, yeah, that sucks, but with over 1k vehicles, it's not like it's the end of the world if ONE vehicle is beginning to mess you up.

Map design, can't really argue. I feel as though Gaijin wanted the lower br maps to act as close-quarters maps for the higher br vehicles, but there are still issues that need to be resolved (spawn peeking, crazy angles, etc).

Moving onto improvements – I hate how we act like War Thunder hasn't changed over the years. This is a drastically different game, and it is MUCH, MUCH better than what we used to have. New effects, new sounds, much more robust research tech trees, new research tech trees entirely, naval forces, helicopters, all this is so fucking cool! Why are we acting like this isn't cool?! Researching new vehicles has been streamlined and made actually possible (before it took me at least two months to research both the Tiger 2's) and game mechanics have been fine-tuned.

And, can we just talk about the game mechanics? The shrapnel and explosion system when a vehicle is hit by a shell is one of a kind. The flight characteristics of aircraft feel realistic, but not overly realistic where we start to move into DCS territory. Helicopters and their ATGMs work in a way that a new player can totally pick them game up and play without having to read through like 100s of forums or an actual aircraft manual to understand.

This game is amazing. Yes, it has flaws, but I am so, SO tired of hearing the monotonous "Haha, gaijoob did it again! Man this game sucks, fix your game." This game is fun. To end, I recently asked my friend who typically plays vehicle combat simulators to try out War Thunder (he hasn't before.) I specifically asked him to not look at any community forum. His thoughts echo my own sentiments: The game is one of a kind. It's fun, it's engaging, and it has a soul.

People talk about this game being killed by Gaijin. No. I firmly believe this game is going to be killed by its own community. If I were a new player and saw how much negativity is being sent up to the devs of this game, I'd be turned off immediately. Let them play for themselves and decide if they like it.

> Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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