War Thunder

Idiot proof guide for “Battle Engineer!” event

warthunder 3 - Idiot proof guide for "Battle Engineer!" event

Wanhope - Idiot proof guide for "Battle Engineer!" event

u/Wanhope requested idiot proof guide yesterday, so here it is.


Please ASK questions. It's 00:18 (GMT+2) and my brain is tired. I'll read all of them and add the answer in the post edit ASAP.

Please also read Terms
6145 special battlefield engineer en - Idiot proof guide for "Battle Engineer!" event


Resetting the game usually helps with all problems when you don't see anything in equipment. If not, try this (by
A Nice Boulder - Idiot proof guide for "Battle Engineer!" event


Open the banner with Airbase for faster crafting and checking.

Don't leave tab with toolkit selling on trade.gaijin.net, it will eat your RAM.

As collector I should grind right now but I have to write it for you.

The guide will be updated along with your questions.

There won't be any tips how to grind parts.



First one is standard crate for each 10 minutes of battle, second for first place in team and third is I-180S component crate.

The last of them contains the rare parts you need to craft the plane and contains one item from
edit#gid=0 - Idiot proof guide for "Battle Engineer!" event

THE LIST (thanks to u/spamanator500). I'm not 100% sure but it drops more often from ground battles.

First steps in event

  1. To start event, you have to open CRATE with non-functional I-180S. (provide me screenshot, I haven't done any yesterday)
  2. You have to DIAGNOSE the plane in test flight that you can do ONLY from Airbase. Each player has other damaged parts.
  3. To get additional TOOLKITS you have to choose correct
    DIAGNOSIS. If first diagnosis will be correct, you will get 10 toolkits. For second you will get 8 and for third 6. Next try won't give you any parts and then you will move to crafting the plane.
  4. You will get crates ONLY after the battle, you won't get anything in leaving screen, it will be assigned after next battle.



thanks to
hubertplayz - Idiot proof guide for "Battle Engineer!" event

  • Black smoke – oil
  • Light gray smoke – fuel
  • White smoke – water
  • Brakes
  • Navigation lights (red and green)
  • Armaments (how fast the gun jams)
  • Ailerons (does one extend fully whilst the other doesn't)
  • Holes in plane
  • Cockpit Gauge Translations by u/Joker_Her3


You have to breakdown whole plane (examining; magnifier icon) to the smallest pieces. THE LIST is the same as above. https://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comments/bccdti/battlefield_engineer_event_tools_guide/

You can't disassemble functional part, only broken (non-functional; red icon) and these broken parts you have to replace with part that has "New component" status (green gear icon), you can get it from I-180S component crate or from trade.gaijin.net.

Very, very Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why I can't see this icon in my equipment?


You have to craft one bigger part from the smallest parts, including new components. Sometimes, after examining big part, like Fuselage or Empennage, it can be fully functional and the icon will show.

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