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Ilyushin Il-1, the fighty Shturmovik

warthunder 2 - Ilyushin Il-1, the fighty Shturmovik

The Ilyushin Design Bureau is perhaps best known and most successful product of all time – the tank-busting IL-2 "Sturmovik" ground attack aircraft. Over 36,000 of its type were manufactured during the course of the war and many remained in circulation in the years that followed the war.

cfobqlp36j531 - Ilyushin Il-1, the fighty Shturmovik

The only prototype that was built

One of Ilyushin's lesser known contributions to the war effort was an aircraft designed to a new Soviet Air Force requirement calling for a well-armored and armed Close-Air Support platform with fighter-like qualities. Its intended over-battlefield roles included decimation of armored ground forces and columns as well as holding inherent performance and agility to counter the best low-altitude fighters that the German Luftwaffe could muster – mainly the Messerschmitt Bf 109 and Focke-Wulf Fw 190 types.

Development work by Ilyushin began in 1943 and the design approach involved two similar, though distinct, designs – a single-seat model and a two-seat variant ultimately designated IL-1 and IL-10 respectively. Beyond the two-seat capability of the latter, both featured largely the same form and function – wings were low-mounted cantilever types and the fuselage well-streamlined from nose to tail. The empennage used a small-area vertical tail fin with low-set horizontal planes. The armored cockpit was near midships and aft of a long nose assembly housing a Mikulin AM-42 12-cylinder inline piston engine of 1,973 horsepower output.

The IL-1 prototype went airborne for the first time on May 19th, 1944. The specifications were decent though they did not overtake those already being exhibited by in-service Soviet fighters from suppliers such as Mikoyan-Gurevich and Yakovlev. The IL-1 also carried limited standard armament and its bomb load was rather meager.


Momentum along the East Front was decidedly pro-Soviet by the end of 1944 and dominance in the air followed. There was little need for the compact IL-1. The prototype was only ever evaluated by the company and never sent in for approval by governing bodies.

General characteristics

Crew: one

Length: 11.12 m (36 ft 5¾ in)

Wingspan: 13.40 m (43 ft 11⅝ in)

Height: 4.08 m (13 ft 4⅝ in)

Wing area: 30.0 m² (323 ft²)

Empty weight: 4,285 kg (9,447 lb)

Loaded weight: 5,320 kg (11,728 lb)

Powerplant: 1 × Mikulin AM-42, 1,472 kW (Take off power) (1,973 hp)


Maximum speed: 580 km/h (313 kn, 360 mph) at 3,260 m (10,696 ft)

Range: 1,000 km (540 nmi, 621 mi)

Service ceiling: 8,600 m (28,215 ft)

Climb to 1,000 m (3,300 ft): 1.6 min

Armament Guns: 2 × 23 mm VYa-23 cannons

Bombs: 200 kg (440 lb) bombs, dispenser for 10 AG-2 aerial grenades in rear fuselage

I thinks it's quite an interesting plane, with a very intersting droppable munitions.

Regarding battle rating, it would probably fit somewhere around 2.0-3.0




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