War Thunder

Important tips to win Air Assault Arcade

warthunder 7 - Important tips to win Air Assault Arcade

After losing 70% of games I play placing on the top of the scoreboard, I've decided to share the knowledge I have about the gamemode, so that me and my friends that use it to farm for modifications hopefully get better matches in the future!

Don't underestimate this gamemode! It can reward you quite handsomely for a win, allowing you to research modifications before taking the plane to PvP. Making a fully upgraded debut in PvP is very satisfying, let me tell you.

Anyway, here goes:

• Most important of all, rush to artillery. Artillery is almost always the biggest menace to your base. You should always have at least 3-4 people diving on artillery when it spawns. It spawns twice per game, usually around the same time each game, so with practice you will know when it's about to show up. You may even RTB at the right time and fly around at ~1km, waiting for it. Your team will thank you, and you'll win more games for sure.

• Avoid diving fighters. They deal very little damage to the base (with the exception of the IL-2, that one should be taken seriously), and you take very long to climb back up to the bombers, which are far more dangerous. 3 people can usually take care of all the fighters without much hassle. If there are no bombers up, and the fighters are near your airfield, you can go for it. I'll explain why in the next one:

• After landing your plane, J out! If your plane is damaged and you manage to land, you will have to wait around 30s. That is unless you jump out right after coming to a stop. If you do so, you pay around 20-200 SL for repairs, and are INSTANTLY spawned at 3500m! No more 5 mins of climbing, you get right into the fight without paying 1-5k SL. Note that it only works if you have damage (any damage will do, light yellow even). With some practice, if you aren't damaged, you'll learn to break a wing tip off while landing, providing the required damage for the teleport to 3.5km.


• Formations have leaders. Take them out to make the rest panic. You might notice all squadrons are organized in 3 plane smaller formations. This means the big squadron is lead by a 3 bomber sub-squadron. This is always the 3 bombers at the front. If you take all three out, the others will scramble, making them easier to kill, and more importantly, making them take much longer to reach your base. You might not want to do this with easy fighters, like the A-36. Having those flying straight can make them easier to kill. Always do it to bombers though.

Now for some rapid fire tips:

• Stay under fighters. They have no underside gunners. This goes for some bombers too

• Bombs and rockets don't cost money to fire. Bring them and take care or artillery faster.

• Don't dive on bombers that are spinning out of control. They'll meet the ground soon.

• Go for planes no-one else is shooting at. Its more efficient.

• IL-2's are very resistant. Shoot their wings off for easy kills.

• After intercepting a squad from the front, do an inverted split s. It keeps your speed up and doesn't make you vulnerable.

• Sometimes fires are put out. Its sometimes worth it to put a few more rounds in.

That's all I can think of. If you have any more tips, put them down in the comments! Please put this knowledge to work, and happy bomber hunting!

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