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Issues with Japanese Naval,

warthunder 4 - Issues with Japanese Naval,

After playing Japanese naval for a bit I want to do the same thing I did with their ground forces and will compile a list of issues facing their vehicles.

  • Type 4 Model 4 - Issues with Japanese Naval, 4 Model 4, Kuchiku-Tei Ka-Ro (1944)
    • The depth charges are bugged. Regardless of if the boat actually carries depth charges or not, there are always depth charges present in the x-ray model. These are unusable and appear in a rack inside the rear of the boat. There are eight of them, enough to refill the depth charge racks completely, but currently do not do anything once the eight depth charges are depleted.
  • Type 5
    • The "Type 5", as called, is a mix of two boats. One is a paperplan, the "Steel Large Escort Boat, Ke-I Ko", and the other was a production subchaser called the "Type 5 Wooden Large Escort Boat Otsu", the latter also called the "Otsu Model 2". The in-game Type 5 is nearly a mirror of the Otsu, however there are several differences.
      • Neither of the Type 5s, the Ko (Otsu Model 1) or Otsu (Otsu Model 2), had the
        Type 88 7 cm field anti-aircraft gun. Instead, they utilized a snub-barreled 75 mm gun called the Type 4 7.5 cm ship gun.
      • The hull, as the name implies, was wooden on the Otsu. The plan to make the boats out of steel was only on paper.
      • The plan for the Ke-I Ko called for four anti-aircraft machine guns (the 20 mm and 25 mm were called anti-aircraft machine guns/cannons) instead of just the two found on the Otsu.
      • The plan for the Ke-I Ko called for twelve depth charges instead of just the six found on the Otsu.
      • The displacement of the Ke-I Ko was estimated to be 100 tons, while the Otsu was only 60 tons.
    • The in-game model is missing the
      349772 add aa mine discharger - Issues with Japanese Naval, mine dischargers that were found on both the Otsu and were in the plan for the Ke-I Ko, with four on the Otsu and "over four" on the Ke-I Ko. Their function was to be shot into the air and they would slowly drop by parachute, before exploding and, if they were close enough to an aircraft, the fragments should knock it out. Aside from the HE, there was also a smoke round for the discharger.
  • Soukou-Tei Model 1940, Soukou-Tei No.4 (1940))
    • The name of the boat is wrong, instead of being the Model 1940* it is actually the Model 1933.
      • *look at the history part, "Last production model since 1940 boat shape is same as model 1938 but it turret can replace macine-gun or tank gun."
    • The machine guns should be twin Type 89 instead of twin Type 92.
  • Type T-51b
    • The T-51b is nothing like the T-51b and is actually much more closer to the T-51a. The error probably came out of some botched translation, but it has multiple differences to the T-51b.
      • The "T-51b" has four torpedoes while the T-51b only had two, the ones behind the wheelhouse.
      • The "T-51b" has a triple 25 mm gun while the T-51b had three single 25 mm guns; one in the rear with no obstructing gunshield and two in the front in place of the two torpedoes in separate turrets.
    • The T-51b, as I already mentioned, is closer to the T-51a with the only difference being the rear gun.
      • Instead of a triple 25 mm it only had a twin 25 mm.
  • Type K-7 / No.4 Class, Kusentei
    • The K-7's depth charges are bugged. Despite appearing on the model and in the x-ray as depth charge ammo racks, the reserve depth charges for the throwers aren't actually usable. They're located in the racks between the two Y-throwers, and number twelve in total. Strangely, the mechanic to reload them exists on the No. 13-class that has the same setup.
  • PG 02
    • The PG 02 just has two errors.
      • For whatever reason its APDS was run through the calculator, which can't calculate sub-caliber rounds, which made it have a worse penetration than its API. That change should be reverted.
      • The gun should only be 450 rpm. It cannot achieve 3,000 rpm, it was limited.
      • It is also missing its ship-to-ship missiles, but that's less of an error and more that the mechanics for them aren't in the game and they would, due to the current compression, probably break it.

  • Hiburi-class, Syonan, 1944
    • While technically correct, "
      466055 1910132 syonan spelt wrong - Issues with Japanese Naval,
    " would be a more accurate name for it.
  • It has the wrong guns and the wrong number of guns. If they're fixed it could easily be moved up to 3.7, having weaponry to at least sort of compete with destroyers instead of the two it has right now.
  • Rumours:
    • While I have seen mentions of this, I haven't seen any evidence that some ships are actually missing their depth charges. Apparently the No. 1-class and No. 4-class should have the same setup as the No. 13-class where there is an internal depth charge storage, but aside from Wikipedia, which states the No. 13-class count as wrong, I haven't seen anything saying so.
  • If I missed anything or got anything wrong, tell me.


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