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Latest Russian Q&A with BVV_d

warthunder 3 - Latest Russian Q&A with BVV_d
  1. Bigger ships are being worked on, heavy cruisers are coming soon™. They're also gradually moving up to battleships and are now thinking how to implement them right. River monitors are possible.
  2. According to Gaijin, there are currently no problems with destroyers slaughtering rafts left and right.
  3. Water and its visual effects will be improved.
  4. Damage model of ships is still not final and will be improved.
  5. A bug where the first shot at a target was actually aimed well above it despite seemingly being aimed right at it will be fixed.
  6. For those who don't know, torpedo lead indicator can be toggled off in the settings.
  7. 100% naval crew skills consist of 50% Aces and Experts (so both improve skills by 25% of their maximum value) and 50% skills that can be upgraded with crew XP points.
  8. Shell flight timers as well as ways of distinguishing player's and allies' shells will be implemented.
  9. There are currently no plans to make ranging toggleable in the settings.
  10. Submarines are unlikely to be added since their gameplay is way too slow.
  11. Anti-air AI gunners on ships have been completely overhauled in 1.85 and now shoot bombers and attackers first, fighters second.
  12. IJN coming next year.
  13. Self-destruction timer when trying to sail beyond the map borders will be made longer.
  14. A ship should not be destroyed by boilers' explosion, so this feature is not going to be added. Though, they might implement a steam leak effect if the boilers are damaged.
  15. A bug where guns produce an excessive amount of smoke after firing will be fixed, maybe even today.
  16. Electric torpedoes' wake effect will be removed.

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